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So, my dads been doing a lot of woodwork recently and I had the idea to make a simulator for it. Nothing more than an idea. I thought it was a good one though. Seems like you guys have it down. The game looks awesome! I'll definitely keep my eye's peeled for it whenever it releases. 

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Getting caught on the wall and guaranteeing your death just isn't that fun. That's literally the only reason I die. Spawning food right next to the wall increases the chance for this to happen as well. Maybe make the level a circular collision box instead of a square. That might work better. The only other solution I can think of is to back the snake up just enough so it won't hit the wall through math. The effects and the sounds are great! Other than that solid game! 

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Great game! Love the art style, dialogue and awesome music!

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Very solid entry! Love the gameplay if you are going to continue working on this I would mainly focus on replayability and balancing. Very impressive nice job! 

Very unique puzzle game! One bug I found was spamming the arrows the paths don't line up correctly. The sounds and effects are pretty satisfying as well. Nice job! 

Cool game! The eye though after playing it for a second is very predictable making the game very easy. Adding a bit more difficulty would make the game a lot more fun. Great job though it's very polished!



Thanks! The player controller wasn’t too complicated. Was mainly looking at Celeste as an inspiration. The movement was pretty rough at the beginning. But after I got the player sprites it made it a lot easier to see what felt good and what didn’t. 

Congrats on finishing your first game jam! Great game! 

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Awesome game! Love some of the different elements you added like the teleporter, and the redirection circle. Makes the game feel even more fleshed out. Beat the game in 6 minutes and 48 seconds with 48 retries. Not too difficult would definitely play this game again if more was added.  Nice Job!

Great puzzle game! Definitely gets you to think.

Once I figured out the platforming the game was rather enjoyable. Not to long not to short! Songs don't fit but they're nice songs. Great job!

Love how every portal has a different minigame in it. I think the 1st portal should have been one of the later ones since it is the most difficult. Overall really cool game! 

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Sorry didn't realize you have a different keyboard layout. The z and x buttons are right next to each other for me. Yeah we should've added separate control types for different playstyles.

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Oh, now I know what you mean. Yeah, That doesn't seem like much fun. I'll definitely think about that in the future. Thanks for feedback! I'm happy that you liked it though!

Appreciate it!

Love the eerie atmosphere, music, and the game mechanics. I did find the platforming to be a little off. But everything else made up for it. Awesome game! 

Great game! It's not to hard and not to easy.  Love the game mechanics

Very satisfying game! Chill music on top of that is just a treat. Nice job!

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Thanks, glad you like it! Initially the collisionbox for the player was a square so the player wouldn't slip off corners for about 4-5 days of development. But then we changed it to the capsule shape. Just thought it would make getting up on platforms easier. Slipping off corners didn't happen that often. But inevitably it still did happen from time to time. I think slipping off corners is pretty cool tbo. Is that something that wasn't fun for you? The screen transitions your right shouldn't have had spikes right next to them. Should've found a way to mitigate that from happening. Appreciate the feedback!

Amazing job! Saw the ghost mechanic in a couple other games but you bring it to a whole other level. Game is super smooth responsive and just makes me want to play more.   

Thanks glad you liked it! I think we did make the levels too difficult. Since a new player doesn't have a full understanding of the mechanics and how they work. Should have expected that but I'm pretty happy with what we made here. Definitely need to work on designing my games with a better difficulty curve. Appreciate the kind words!  

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Love the use of the theme, art and gameplay! The game is very difficult. Would of liked to have seen a ability/powerup. But other than that It's a Solid Game! Great Job! 

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah the theme could've used some more work. We were having trouble actually figuring out what exactly we wanted the game to be. We were trying to make the game as difficult as we could. I find satisfaction in games like that only if it's fair of course. But I see now that for a jam like this easier levels towards the beginning and maybe 1 hard level. Would've been better for us.  I hope that you found it to be fair at least.  Appreciate it! 

The art and the art style is very good. I would like to see the camera zoomed out so I can see the level a bit more. I aimlessly walking around the entire time. Somehow was able to beat the game by killing my character.  The 2nd playthrough I was able to reach different areas. But still unsure what's going on etc. You did have some text in there that I saw for the tv, the player replica not sure what it said, and the grandfather clock. But you weren't able to do anything with any of those items from my understanding except for the player replica. Instead of putting those in maybe notes for the player explaining the story or something like that would have made it clearer from the get go what needed to be done. 

Nice game! Controls need some work. The wall jump mechanic works in an unusual way. Collisions are wonky sometimes. What I would of preferred for the controls would be arrow keys to move and zxc as jump, dash, attack or dash, jump, attack. Would of loved to hear some sounds as well.  Other than refining the controls, movement and adding in sounds. I'd say that would basically be it.  Overall love the art style, levels are very nice, and great job with the ghost mechanic! Took a while for me to figure out you can hold jump a little longer. I have the same thing in my game. 

Thanks! Yeah could be an fps issue. I did make the game mainly in 144 fps and tested it off and on around 60 fps. But anything under that doesn't feel as good.

What would you change about the controls? Is it the jumping, movement, dashing that feel floaty? This problem could have something to do with framerate. If you feel like you are getting low fps then that may be the issue. I appreciate the feedback though! 

Sorry can you be more specific! I'm not seeing that on my end. 

Art style is definitely top notch! Great job with the sounds and the Theme! The gameplay though specifically the player controller needs some work. Jumping looks very off which makes the game unnecessarily difficult. The boss is solid very nice job. I would of put the movement abilities right next to each other. Meaning the dash and jump are "z" and "x" then "c" would be attack. But that's just my preference. Could always learn a new control scheme. Great game!

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Great puzzle game! The only nitpick I have is that it's very easy.  Love the particles, music, and window moving up and down. Nice Job!

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Awesome game! Just needs some work on timing the hits and enemy's attacking. Because I'm not really sure if I'm being hit or not. Love the concept! The oxolotl sprite it's very cute. Music is nice! Great job!

Very cool concept! Love the gameplay some of the platforming could use some work but other than that very nice job! Solid Game!

Very cool concept the art, and ui is spot on. The gameplay could use some work though. Nice job! 

Artstyle is very nice! Music is really good! The game is a bit slow. Will have to play the game a good while before I even have a chance of dying. The player controller is responsive but the platforming could use some work! Great job! 

Thanks for the feedback! You think flipping the input for jump and dash would’ve worked better? 

Thanks! Sorry you found the controls off. What do you think would've worked better? 

Yep, I was trying to make it as hard as possible. Appreciate it! 

Thanks glad you like it!