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Where can I follow along for updates for the new game in UE5?

This was so soft and sweet! I was mad at the choices at the end but then I got the true ending that I wanted :')


This game was so cute, looking forward to seeing what else you cook up

I love this game and am eagerly checking up on it to see when more will come out. Please keep it coming, it enchanted me! We gotta get some soda!!!

Ok so first off- cute game, what a delight,  what a joy! I would give good money, sell my soul and give up my wool for longer versions of these games.  It was so endearing. 

BUT I am left with unanswered questions, such as this....

-who was the creeper that was creepin and peepin on me from around the rocks? When you can wade a little in the water on the right side of the beach past the tent, turn left and follow the rock. There is a creeper peeper sticking their head out! Whomst is this mystery man?
Has anyone else seen him?

-also why did Martin never bring up that Finley had been missing for 2 weeks? He seemed pretty evasive about her and said they were friends, but didn't tell the detective that she had gone missing? This made me question his motives, but I was pleasantly surprised that everyone ended up to be good hearted.

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unzip the files to play- by the end of the game, unzip your pants- the wetness is real

This is beautiful piece including all your insecurity and also compassion for complicated relationship with your body. The "good fat" image is real and I appreciate you voicing that, as well as the important insight that you don't need to feel like you completely LOVE yourself and your body in order to do good things for yourself. Thank you for acknowledging that our relationships with our bodies are complicated- you can see and affirm parts of your body that you like/appreciate, and also not feel confident about other parts, and that's ok. It's important to meet ourselves where we're at, with as much honesty and kindness as we can.

Also, I love that you are "friend shaped" :)

Your good heart really shines through in this piece.

Love the art style and music chosen for this as well as how you were able to bring me as the player to such an emotional place in such a short game, with only looking at book covers and the main characters own thoughts- so hats off to you for that. Ultimately I went with My Cute Neighbor. I was drawn to it because my own dad loved comics and made his own for a while, and these comics more so than the other ones would be one up his alley. Coincidentally it turned out that that the character's own dad had read and loved those comics growing up, and in the end I felt like that was a good choice of a gift- to give him something that he loved and brought him joy. I almost went with Alberto, I read you and I feel more free based out of my own desire to share with him an inspiration to connect with pleasure.

You almost made me cry and I appreciate it! Also very curious if anyone picked the comic anthology on queer sex or the neon ping pong lovers- because even though I would probably read those, I'm curious who would pick that and why!

This is a fantastic demo, I really enjoyed it and am hoping that you go forward with the entire project.

 I had fun playing this game and was laughing as I was figuring out how to propel Spanky through the air and water. Love how the music changed every time you go underwater and became softer/muffled, that was a really nice touch.

I really liked this game and thank you for making it. Definitely following to see what other stuff you continue to work on. It was sweet and humanizing and very relatable. I really liked how you illustrated how anxiety takes you, literally, into your head in a way that was both highly accurate and also lighthearted. 

I agree the game is amazing but that dream sounds like a real nightmare though yikes. Was it complete with the "EXCUUUUSE ME"'s echoing through your mind?