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Love the art style and music chosen for this as well as how you were able to bring me as the player to such an emotional place in such a short game, with only looking at book covers and the main characters own thoughts- so hats off to you for that. Ultimately I went with My Cute Neighbor. I was drawn to it because my own dad loved comics and made his own for a while, and these comics more so than the other ones would be one up his alley. Coincidentally it turned out that that the character's own dad had read and loved those comics growing up, and in the end I felt like that was a good choice of a gift- to give him something that he loved and brought him joy. I almost went with Alberto, I read you and I feel more free based out of my own desire to share with him an inspiration to connect with pleasure.

You almost made me cry and I appreciate it! Also very curious if anyone picked the comic anthology on queer sex or the neon ping pong lovers- because even though I would probably read those, I'm curious who would pick that and why!