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Hey guys, the Pinto's Escape devs are doing a little speed run contest! If you're able to get in the top three fastest times to complete the game, your name and a link to your game will be displayed on our page! And as a bonus, we'll include your time in the final credits of the game once the jam ends.

Just post screenshots of your time here:

Good luck! :D

I really like this one! The art is really, really good and the mechanic is simple but fun. The randomness of the ingredient spawn and the conveyor belt speed is pretty satisfying. I thought the music was great too, but it's unfortunate that the Web GL version makes the sound crackle. Good job!

I think this game is underrated. The mechanic of switching between 2D and 3D is really creative. I loved the puzzle where you move the blocks to make platforms. Downside to that one is that you can make yourself stuck in 2D by positioning the boxes in a way that prevents you from getting to the portal. Also felt like the game could have used some weird music. Other than that, the art style is great, the theme is wacky (the kind of thing I like), and the overall mechanic is really cool. Great job!

Pretty unique yet simple game. Art style is great and as a music guy myself, I vouch for the sound track :) I really like the randomness of how you get swirled around in the bowl, and I also like how the number of spoons increases over time. It's easy for the veggies to pin you in a corner but I think that aspect lends itself well to the chaos and makes you want to keep replaying. Well done guys.

Thank you! We fixed a lot of bugs in the newest version, and the OST is now available for download ;)


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Hey I can make music if you need! I dig the energy lol

Discord: camelCaseJake#3518

If you guys need a composer I would be down to help :) 


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Hi Painters!

I'm camelCaseJake. I haven't made music for games before, but I'm an experienced producer who likes to make pretty and glitchy beeps 'n boops. I thought it would be a different kind of challenge to try my hand at composing some game music, as I usually tend to make trap and hyperpop beats with a video-gamey style. In the past I've also made ambient, breakbeat, and even some horror music as well.

Even though I haven' t made any music for games yet, I believe my outside experience can bring something different to the table! I'm willing to try any sort of theme or sound! Honestly the goofy crudeness of this Paint challenge is right up my alley. The "mouth-only sounds" bonus challenge sounds especially interesting to me. Let me know if any of you are interested! :)


Discord: camelCaseJake#3518



Examples of beats I'm typically known for (please bear with the annoying "type beat" titles):

Horror ambience for the official "Birds Aren't Real" account:

Recent Little Loops I Made (some of these aren't mastered):