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Thanks! Ive learnt lots from it, and should be able to put it to use somewhere down the line.

Really? Ill have to try that out. Let's hope nothing breaks!

Ahh.. Sorry about the typos. Must of just slipped under the radar during refinement. Also, I was going to try and export it to web browser, but I wasn't confident with what time I had left.


Thanks! For a first work, I was scared that people wold perceive it as too basic / cliche. The fact that stock assets didn't seem to detract from is is also nice. Thanks again!

It certainly looks interesting! Shame I don't have anyone to play with, or i wold of certainly given it a spin.

For starters, good concept! these sorts of "pile up" games have been a thing, but very few have a distinct goal in mind (i.e. getting across). 

Only issue is that the map seems randomised. now, this isn't a bad thing by itself, but since you have no indication of where the falling blocks will freeze, you can get stuck making leaps of faith very quickly. also, since jumping over the roof can kill you, if the game spawns a high path, you can get locked out of ways to go quickly.

As you said though, since this is a prototype, don't take this too seriously. With a little refinement, this could be a really cool game! 

Art style is nice, reminds me of older adventure games.

One issue is that the controls aren't told to the player. Not sure if this is a Mac thing, but I couldn't figure out how to attack.

Audio is a touch repetitive, but it certainly fits the mood.

Overall, there is certainly something here! With a little refinement, this could very well be really good. keep it up!

From what I've played, this is pretty good! the concept is neat, and reminds me of several flash games I've played in the past. Controls were tight. There was very little in the way of difficulty controlling where I wanted to go. New mechanics such as doors and immovable blocks were also a neat touch. Only issue is difficulty curve. The levels tend to vary from easy to hyper precise, and back to easy in the span over 3 levels. Other than that though, I like it!