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Is there no way to delete a definition if you typo? (or mean to type somewhere else but forgot to press enter?) Backspace doesn't work.

Cool game! My score was 37467

I wasn't saying you should necessarily make a level around it, cool thing to have for speedrun strats though.

Yeah I did manage to get him to grab a coin he wasn't aiming for. I didn't really find a good use for it though.

This game was great. The kick was a nice addition.

Fun little game. That last level was tough! It has potential for some strategy as well if you want to play as fast as possible. Would like to see the time at the end. Did you consider making the son go to the nearest coin instead of following a set sequence? Then you could disrupt his routine by pushing him towards a different one. You can already get him to pick it up early, which is cool.

Great game, well done

This is great! I got a score of 1,782. Wondering if the story continues further after the aliens teleport you.

Haha, I figured as much. Fantastic game regardless. I had a lot of fun with this one.

This game is fantastic. I wish it was longer! Endless mode please!

Yep for me too

Are you supposed to be able to take modules back off the cubes as they move away? It makes things very easy, and all the puzzles are still possible without it..