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Woah I played the game when you first released it, it's very cool that you kept working on it!

I can't wait to play the campaign :D

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Hey professir, unfortunately I don't own a mac and thus cannot build for macs. Sorry!

EDIT: I actually checked if it was possible and it seems it is! However I don't know if I still have the source code of the game... I'll try but can't guarantee anything.

Hey dude, your video was very nice, thanks for playing my game!

Hey, I stopped developing the game very early and am no longer working on it!
I have updated the description on the game's page.

The new version is up! 

Also I noticed there was no sound with Chrome's latest update so you may need to play via another browser.

Haha oh this is great!
I'm sorry about the parts you didn't understand, most of the time they're idioms which can't be translated literally!
I'll upload the new version tomorrow hehe

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sorry folks, I'm sure it's even better with broken english, so I will erventually make a version with it

J'ai suivi tes conseils et refait tous les assets, avec très peu de soin. J'espère que ça te plaira !

Le jeu est fini, et tu peux désormais profiter de l'expérience complète !

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J'viens de mettre la version finale en ligne !

Mais j'ai eu la flemme de faire des QTE.

J'ai trop de mal à faire des animations dégueu, mais je vais essayer !

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Je l'ai uploadé pour du playtest, je vais le re-cacher pour que les gens se spoilent pas avant qu'il soit fini ^^

Les QTE sont prévus !  Ça va être bien.

I'm sorry to hear that!

Can you send me the output_log.txt file located in the Doguelike_Data folder?
That way I'll be able to see what went wrong and fix it! (I suspect a generation or pathfinding error!)

Thanks! I wish I could have added music to add even more intensity to the action, but I'm bad at sound design :<

Thank you! There should be ragdolls in every game!

Hey, sure! I'd love to see the result!

Hey all, thanks for your feedback!
I'll try to update the game when I have time.

I will add more vision and exploration gameplay, to avoid the frustration of having the Doggo skip a potion that you can see.
Also, the AI customization is on my list, but it's more complicated so it might take some time.

I'm afraid I want to add even more interactions to the game, so the potion change will not be reverted ^^'

Negative stats are also part of my vision of the game, and are important in my opinion.

Hey Buju, thanks for the feedback!

In the previous version, the enemies took turn one by one, which caused the game to be faster when there are none, but much slower when they are many. I changed that so the speed is always the same.

I will add an option in the next build to go back to the previous speed setting, and to discard items when the inventory is full. Have a nice day!

Hey Gigi, I'm glad you like the game :)

I received quite a lot of complaints about the physics and the way the ingredients stack, but I'm afraid I don't have time to fix these issues right now, oops!