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She's just comfy in here!

I'm glad you liked it! It was just a silly prototype that I didn't push further, hence the final level bug and nebulous air control hehe

I'm glad you like the game!

Unfortunately I'm satisfied with its current state and I have no intention to add more characters or develop something else for it, sorry!

This might be caused by the window "remembering" where you left it and moving outside of your screens. Did you disable/change your monitor configuration?

Moving / Holding the window with your cursor while it loads might allow you to keep it in place.

I've released Calli's game something like a week ago and I'm working on Kiara's game and it should be done before Halloween, so yeah!

No, it should not be happening! I'm sorry about that, I'll fix it asap!

You just need to take care of it regularly!

If you don't feed or entertain your Tako for a long time, the Love gauge will slowly deplete.
But it will fill little by little when you feed or entertain him!

Sorry, you'll have to bear with mouse & keyboard, controller support is not planned!

something cool

If you juggle with the enemy 200 times something cool happens

It's a safety measure so you don't have too much of a good thing (Shrong)

Haha thanks for playing my game! I'm sorry for the slow ball bug, making a game in under an hour does come with bugs

I'm glad there's one thing you enjoyed in the game!

You can find the source of the music here:

The curse of green haired cat, being mistaken for other green haired cats...

If you want I did make a game featuring GirlDM some time ago:

I didn't know about that game but Yes absolutely it is intentional 😇

Nope, that's too much work!

Oh no don't worry, it takes me a long time to finish even the normal difficulty, and I have never completed the hard one!

If you survive for too long Kronii herself comes to kick your butt (not real)

Happy birthday Tako!

Oh, it's nice to watch people play my games! Thank you! 🙏

I hope you like using the model!

Let me know if you need anything!

Thank you for making this game, it deeply affected me. I hope sharing your feelings and experiences with the world helps you.

Congrats! You are now a professional Tako caretaker!

Finally, I Have Them All | Know Your Meme

Congratulations! Not everybody can say they unlocked everything from the game!

Yep, I coded the game so you could do loopings, and this is a side effect!

You can't escape the law forever!

It was a lot of fun to watch you play, I was really at the edge of my seat at the end of the race! Thank you!

It would be amazing to have community maps! Maybe I should have added comments and tutorials on how to use the project 🤔

Yeah! I had to delete the DynamicBone plugin and paid SFX I was using, but the whole thing is here!

The movement system is not perfect but it does the job pretty well, and the AI is very basic but also super simple to understand! And there's the models for the items, the KFP location, and the KFP employees! Lots of good stuff to check out in there.

I do listen to feedback, especially to yours! Thank you for helping me make my games better!

There should always be between 1 and 3 items in the menu I think, but it's been so long I don't remember. Congrats on getting all the items! 🎉

I'm sorry, I am not going to update the game in the foreseeable future and it's time to accept that.

Hmm it's very rare but it can happen!
The majority of the orders should be too complex to handle several of them at a time though!

That's odd! Do you have an antivirus which could be blocking it, or a graphics card which could be the issue?

You might find information on what is happening in the log file, which is located in C:\Users\<your windows username>\AppData\LocalLow\MonAmiral\Akuma no Henshin\Player.txt

Aww I've moved onto other projects, sorry my lord!

I'm working on this now, and I'm gonna release it on steam next month:

It's a funny party game about looting tombs and pushing your friends into traps! It's taking me a lot of time and energy so I can't really work on other games, and Takodachi & friends has shipped now.

King Tako at last! What are your orders?

Oh I see how that can be disappointing... I'll fix it when I can!

No worries, you played the game for months so it's the least I could do!

For the timer, you must type the time with exactly the same format as it was when you open the app: otherwise, it won't be able to understand what you wrote. I suggest just replacing the month/year so that the format stays the same.

The Birthday line is the day & time your Tako was born.
The Last seen line is the moment when you last took care of your Tako.

Gotta find candles and a takocake!

Sorry, I didn't see the notifications from your posts!
I have added a new download to the page, the save editor:

It will let you set everything manually to recover your lost data!

If you have just uninstalled the app, you don't need to do anything to retrieve your save! It is still there waiting for you to come back. However, your Tako has probably spent too much time without food now... Your hats will be there but the Tako is unfortunately probably gone.