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thanks for the feedback notapipe, I'm glad you liked the game!

We're glad you liked it Red Binome! Unfortunately yes we had very few time to balance it so it's a bit too hard oops

Both are fine for me, if you're more comfortable with english, we can use that one!

Sure, but I'm not available very frequently! With work and the timezones it may take me days to respond 😅

I am a professional with a few years of experience, I work as a Gameplay programmer for Amplitude Studios!

Hey hackerysk, unfortunately I could not find the sources of the project, however this is where I found how to make the window transparent:

I'm glad you liked it, thanks Jonathan!

I use Unity with some specific windows stuff to hide the border and make the background of the game invisible!

I misplaced the sources but I'll try to see if I can find them :)

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Hey Adam!
We had to cut some features because of time and other constraints, but we still have procedural generation, permadeath, and RPG elements!

I'm glad you liked our game!

Thanks ZapJackson!

Hey BrettW, many linux users seem to have this issue, I'll look into it :)

Thanks Queenfaith!

I'm glad you liked our game :)

Thanks ZaRR! I'm glad you enjoy my games :D

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Hey ZaRR, this issue sometimes happens when the application loads while you're focused on another window.

Please make sure you start the app, maybe click on it once, and wait for it to finish loading before you switch to another window :)

I'm glad you like it Noli! It was made in a very short time so I hope it's still fun!

Hey, this was an extremely weird yet enjoyable experience.
Visuals and audio are in perfect harmony, which creates a very strong atmosphere.

The ending is great, and this game is overall amazing.
I feel extremely dirty now, but I had a lot of fun, thanks!

Thanks for the link Joshua!

I watched the stream live and am very glad you played my game :)

Hey MadMilligan, I'm really sorry it's affecting your experience, unfortunately the development is on hold so I won't be able to fix the issue!
Thanks for playing my game though.

It made a lot of sense to me because I know the reference!

Cute graphics, nice music & sounds, addictive gameplay, I love it!

Watch out Rockstar games, I'm coming!!

Thanks bomb lobber! The ninja rock game was actually a prototype to test the rope physics but shh! Nobody knows!

Thanks, that's very encouraging, greenworks! :D

Thanks ssaiful, I'm glad you like it!

Hey taft punk! I'm glad you liked the game :D

I've received this feedback a lot so I'll probably implement it soon.
However, updating the game clears everyone's saves, so I don't want to make new versions too frequently...

Thanks nickl, that's very nice to hear :)

Floor 34 is the last one of the first loop, all the levels are replayed with a small twist each time afterwards!

Merci, j'suis ravi que ça t'ait plu !

It's less breathtaking, but it's already available!

I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

I hadn't heard of GDWC, I'll look into it :D

Wow, thank you!

Hehe I'm afraid the difficulty is very high on some levels and even I have trouble finishing them, and it gets even worse near the end of the game!

Hey, thanks!

Haha, playing it with 2 players sure adds some difficulty!
I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

Cute music, adorable graphics, interesting idea! I really liked the feeling of the walljump.

It's free, it's stupid, it's got an annoying music you'll hate after dying a few times!
Play it here:

I keep saying "tentacle-based platformer" but is there something more accurate?
That's a game I really enjoyed making!

Muchos merci !

Thanks! I don't have a leaderboard in-game, but there could be one in the comments hehe!

I'm glad you had fun!

I saw this happening when making the game and made the tunnel slightly bigger, but I guess it wasn't enough :'(

Haha, that's unexpected but cool! Thanks!

Whoa, that's a lot! Well played!

Thanks :D

Haha I'm glad you enjoyed the game in the end!

Unfortunately since I'm making games for game jams, I usually don't have time for a title screen or anything which prepares the player for what they're about to experience, sorry!