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I love the art style, music and audio effects. The atmosphere is great. I love the mechanic of not moving backwards of the beginning. It really makes you need to chose the right path :) 

Good job !!!

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No game here or at least it doesn't work for me  :( 

Good game !!! Jump is smooth and idea is great. Dialogue between design and programmer gives context to get more immersed in the game !!! Good job. 

In v4.0 it was really hard for me to take the last color on the top right :( 

Just seen you speak spanish ... so feedback in spanish. :) 

Un buen juego para ser el primero. Este es mucho mejor que mi primer juego !!!! 

Además del feedback que te han dado del salto, échale un ojo a la cámara del cinemachine, que aunque no perfecta verás que es mucho más suave y además te permite definir las cosas que hay en el nivel en función de hacia donde se mueve el jugador. 

El parallax de las nubes es genial por cierto. A seguir mejorando !!!!

Nice,  simple.  My daughter enjoyed a lot and she didn't stop until finish. Good work. 

Really love it. Mixing keys and mouse is brilliant !!! just missing a gameplay music, but it is a fantastic game. Good job. 

yep, we included checkpoints at the end, but they are worth !!! Thanks for playing

I love the art style and game play.