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The ashcan pdf is close to release. Your patience is golden!

Thanks for participating! Your dungeon in particular feeds the hunger I have for weird, dense spaces. More and more I'm in favor of statless adventures and locations and characters and monsters. So much to dive into without the burden of conversion or adhering to one system or another's balance or the weight of over-zealous bookkeeping. Hope to see you in the jam next year!


I want to thank you all for your enthusiasm and creativity in this jam. I'm having a blast looking at all these dungeons!

This isn't a competitive jam but what the heck, you all deserve a prize. Alas, we don't always get what we deserve. Sometimes the guy who hosted your local game jam forgot to think about prizes until the last minute and in a panic he uh, he made some cool bumper stickers. 

This is one such time.

That's right, baby I made bumper stickers - ten bumper stickers for ten random dungeon makers. Sometimes life is cool, huh?

So if you don't want one of these, say so here before I put you in the random pool and spin the WHEEL of PAIN  STICKERS.

Godspeed and good luck.

»»————- ★ ————-««

reading it now, it's awesome!

hey dude! I can't seem to find the file to download, make sure it's there on the page, I'd love to read this dungeon!

Ya love to see it! I love a good meta-mechanic like dancing. Perfect size dungeon, gonzo as heck. Well done!

This rules!

Wonderful plan, you have my blessing :)

That would be awesome, go for it!

Yes yes very well.

⭐️ This awaits you should you succeed. Should you fail however, I will be forced to banish you to Dungeon 23.

The prompts are entirely optional! My apologies for not making that clear.

Prompts are optional ideas if you don’t have a setting of your own in mind. No theme requirement either, so go crazy.

Hey! Great question. No need to make it downright microscopic, however we’re looking for dungeons that nobody would describe as “big.” So, multiple levels are fine but discouraged, unless your levels are a room apiece. Mega dungeons are right out. No map size limit but if I can carry it in my wallet you get a gold star.

Hey BTL, I see you. 

In the interest of being inclusive to other creators as you suggest, I ask that you not submit anything synthesized by AI - per the rules. The jam is actually MORE inclusive when everyone is following the rules and channeling their creative energy into a shared project.

Go ahead and use AI in your process, there's no way for me to police that. I ask that your final submission showcases your own creative choices, not that of a machine.

Hey there! All dungeons are welcome, as long as you follow the rules :)

You are free to use this jam as a starting point for your dungeon-crawler game! That sounds cool BirdCat. You would totally be in the spirit of the jam.

Excellent stuff!

 Let me know how it goes when you do!

I love it!! Evocative as hell. 

It’s a cheeky continuation from the list on page 1. Rare Blackpowder Weapons (d6) has 1 through 6, as expected. Page two has a 7th option, cuz Mörk Borg.

Great idea, look out for a dev log

Without a doubt using this in my next game!

thanks! :P

Haha, this rules!

Good stuff, I'll be using these for sure!

This thing is chock full of the kind of art punk splatter I want to see in Mörk Borg! Keep it up, brother.

Love the exposure mechanic and a great colophon page. Great stuff! 

The urge to run one of these immediately is strong. Top notch stuff! 

Gee, thanks!

Thank you! Image is public domain art by dead people! Poem by me :)

Franz Gruber is rolling in his grave. Well done.

As a blasphemous adaptation of the Christmas tale, this succeeds. As a miserable tale of its own, this also succeeds. Where this fails, however, is keeping my cursor from clicking the 5th star. I gotta!

The vibes are on another level here. Great stuff!

Downright jolly stuff. And the map *chef's kiss*. 

An actual holiday for the dying world! Wonderful.

This is exactly the type of scum Mörk Borg needs, throwing it in my solstice games FOR SURE.

Masterfully done, I raise a bloody cup in its name!

Really flavorful! I'll never forget what the lambs do.

Great stuff. This is certainly what I'd play if I wanted to be known as a "miracle worker."