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Awesome! Happy you enjoyed your time, thanks for playing!!

Found and patched the error. I think you should be clear(I was able to complete the whole game without issue)

I really appreciate your patiene and help. 

OK I think it's a new version of the same issue. I'll see if I can find and patch that and update ASAP.

These GM runtime updates are gonna be the death of me. 

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I've put up a new version(1021) that I think  fixes the issues. Please let me know if you run into any further issues.

That sucks. I'm opening the source files now and I'll see if I can get that fixed for you :)

Close to the last level! (I think there's like 2.5 more?)

Had this bug pop up inconsistently for me during dev, so you might be able to just reload the game and load the level fine. I never saw any testers report it so I dropped it to low-priority, but I have another year or so under my belt now so I'll crack the code back open and actually fix it instead of just sweeping it under the rug.

Really enjoyed it, feels kind of like the RE 5/6/Revalations era with that crunchy charm of a PS2/LatePS1 game. My only complaint would be that the enemies don't seem to stagger at all when shot, which forced constant back-pedaling.

Hope to play the full game sometime soon!!

Great proof of concept, would love to play a full retail version of this!!

Fun and fast paced! Not usually a beat-em-up person but this was very fun. Would love to play more!

Cute little game. Would be fun to see it expanded into something larger, maybe with the ability to hold a few items instead of just one. Keep up the good work.

Would be nice to have alternate controls! I don't have a numpad on my keyboard, so I can't actually play :(

Spooky and atmospheric without blowing it's metaphorical load. Really enjoyable little game. Sort of felt like a half-remembered dream of King's Field.

Good work! We'd love to volunteer our most recent release PROVIDER.

(Context: Running Windows 11 & itch desktop app)

Had issues launching game from itch. When browsing to the file it launched the installer, but failed to finish properly. Despite saying it'd failed and it couldn't find specified location, when I browse to the location all files appear to be present and playable, so FYI to anyone seeing the same error.

Happy to hear a Cthon2 is in the works!!


Fun little game :)

Peaceful, engaging, and simple controls that result in faily deep options. Very nice.

A terrifying title. I believe I've taken actual damage to my physical form.

Good god the effect work in this is phenomenal. Great work!

Couple notes: 

  • Pixel art and animation are nice
  • Some animations (player idle and fireflies specifically) seem to be way too fast
  • right-stick having dead-zones enabled makes it hard to make small adjustments when you're close to zero on either axis
  • Aiming dots are not 1:1 with the arrow. especialy in the second target area, the dots made it to the target, but the arrow didn't (I'm guessing the arrow has a larger collider)
  • Personally not a fan of the grass movement. I feel like it looks weird when you stop and that a simple bump when you enter and returning to normal would be better feeling
  • Very little sound-design makes it all feel a bit dead.
  • Falling off a moving platform broke progression, as when I got back to the right spot to jump onto the platform again it was too far away. Maybe being able to trigger platforms with bow (mechanic?) or having them return after a short time would be good? 

Anyway, it's not bad, looks very nice, but without a more complete story/world/mechanics I don't see a lot that makes me want to come back for more yet.

GMEdit community · Created a new topic cast warning

I'm getting the below warning on a bunch of my collision checks since upgrading to the newer beta release. The checks all work as intended, and I realize that it's saying that that script doesn't return a bool, rather it returns an id of collided object. Though as far as GM is concerned, this still works as a bool T/F statement (since the id would be returned is > .5)

Note sure if I just need to turn the feature throwing this warning off. I've tried toggling some of the cast settings, but TBH I'm not 100% sure what I'm doing there.

Any guidance would be appreciated :)

Excellent! Thank you!

Great extension, but I found an issue that stumped me for a few days. in device_mouse_check_region_gui() if you feed it allignment (in my case fa_left and fa_top) it will only check for device 0, not whichever argument it was passed. 

I believe the error is in line 129 & 130.

It's also possble that i'm using an older version of the extension, in which case disregard

WOOOO Updated screens!! Relese/Demo coming soon?

Really interesting game :)

Lovely page and really great looking game. Putting the rest of us to shame! :)

Is it possible to disable Ctrl + scroll wheel to change font size? I can't count how many times I've exploded my font size or made it tiny while duplicating  or searching. I've tried looking up a way to do this, but it's pretty hard/specific to google. Any ideas?

I can provide you with the current files for the project I'm having this issue on. Is there a good contact email I can send it to?

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I'm having a bizzarely specific issue. When I search for obj_player it returns a different item (specfically scr_itemuse(which is a script)). It doesn't seem to do this with any other combination of Objects/Scripts. I've tried restarting the software and haven't noticed any changes. I'm still able to open the object manually, only the search function is having this issue.

Currently running Beta from December 28 on a windows 10 Laptop.

Update 0: reinstalled (completely deleted then re-downloaded) the Dec 28 beta, still got the same issue. When I reverted to the Stable March 24 release it seems to be working fine again. 

very helpful, thanks

Having a similar struggle. I've made a temporary solution by replacing the sprites of my folders, but it has to be done manually for each folder for both the open and closed states, which is a *huge* pain in the ass. Would be really cool to have a simple "Change default folder image" option.  I saw YellowAfterLife's reply, but I don't seem to be smart enough to figure out how the theme customization is supposed to work?


Not gonna lie, I squee'd a bit when I saw that builder line at the end. This incredible tool just got, like 67% more incredible.