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oh sure we can message each other through discord! 😳 my handle is scion#5011 but i also notice you have a little cute bucket discord group on your profile haha i would love to create something with you too tho i hope it wouldn't be anything too much on your plate if you're busy with your current games or school ;;;😣

aww you are so sweet honestly thank you so much for your comment!!😊 back then i was exploring interactive fiction and making a few of them as a sort of phase haha but i'm so glad you gave this a shot and enjoyed it 🥺 i made this as my last piece of IF for a while and haven't tried it again for a long while ahaha ;;; so to hear you say to keep creating cool stuff gets me emotional 😢😭 thank you again it means a lot 🥺💖

hehe i've peeked at your games too and they are really so cool and amazing with your adorable art style!! ✨ i'd love to help in your games in any way if possible haha either way i'd be supporting you as well! ^~^

ahhh i'm so touched thank you🥺!! i wonder how you discovered my little interactive fictions out of curiosity haha but thanks for playing even now, i really appreciate it!! ^~^❤️

ohhh wow that's so cute and sweet!! i'm glad you have such memories, thanks for sharing!! ✨

thank you!! i'm glad you enjoyed it too ^~^ i don't think i've heard about letterlocking before but it sounds rlly interesting!

Thanks for playing! :') It's heartening to see you find this game and enjoy it, especially now looking back at how it has been a few years since the game was made, so I really appreciate it! 💕

aww this was so cute! I loved exploring the different areas and possibilities of being an egg :')

I went half-way into the 0.93 ver and rly liked it! it was fun and humorous in its own way so I was excited for the 1.0 ver haha 

I got all 3 endings and my favourite one is where Junia got close to Owen but still chose to stay. It was a lot more emotional and I enjoyed the heartbreak ehehe

also I initially thought you can choose between Owen or Marcus oops haha. But I get it cos the focus is on Owen and Junia, tho mb there could be more development for Marcus even as a side character so there'll be stronger reasons to stay and it'll be harder to choose

overall, great work!!

a short, sweet date! but maybe it could go deeper, like having stronger characterisations of the girls, adding details for a more memorable experience. The plot feels quite thin rn but it revolves around their light-hearted romance so hopefully how it develops would be interesting.

anyways, good luck on the full game!

Yes, I'll definitely be in contact! Thank you very much, it's a great honour!

aww thank you for the lovely comments! i’m happy my little game could do that for you haha

yayyyy i'm glad to have a companion in paper fortune telling hahaha thank youuu for playing Kaja!! <3

thank you!! it means a lot hehe ^-^

Thanks! I would say that this is my first completed Twine game haha

That's so awesome that you create your own music! I've listened to your soundcloud and your tracks remind me of retro pixel games which is very cool! It would be wonderful to hear your tunes for the story, maybe guitar might complement but it's up to you! Thank you for reaching out ^^

Thanks for sourcing the error! I'm not well-versed in the technicalities to be honest haha, but I'll try to find a solution! Thank you for playing the game even without music ^^

Sorry to hear about the music (no pun intended)! I didn't notice as the music works on my Mac (Safari and Chrome), may I know which browser you're playing it on?

Thank you very much! ^-^

Thank you so much for your comments! I'm really happy that you enjoyed playing and could relate to it! Makes actually finishing the game worth it ^-^

I'm glad you like them to be together or meet again haha, I did think of such a fairy tale-like ending for them but I decided to go for a more real approach cos it's life and they're still kinda strangers, but who knows ;)

As for music,  since the main character frequently goes through different moods, I initially thought it might be jarring to switch between various tones of music so quickly, but thanks for your consideration! I might add music if I find any suitable ones haha

Thank you for your help with finding the typos! I really appreciate it! Also, is it too late to ask which ice cream flavour you chose?

The beginning scene, lack of music and the primary use of green gave off this kind of dreary and unsettling atmosphere and throughout the entire innocent quest for bacon (until the ending), I was on the edge of my seat expecting some dark twist haha (like how it usually is with these kind). Then the ending happened and I was pleasantly surprised that it was just a cute and simple game. I like how the occasional swearing and character depiction contrasts with the cute art style. The lack of music somehow fits and made it unique. I think this game despite being very short can stand on its own. Would love an extension but anyways good work; for once something that started out as somewhat unsettling turned out to be simply sweet!

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- Did you enjoy it overall?

Oh, yes, I did. Bless the Pastry God for this game. I think the other comments have already said what they like about it and I do agree with them, so I feel I'm just repeating lol

- What was your favorite part?

My favorite part was the beginning part (Day 1, I think), where you are being first introduced to the characters before you choose any of the elf boys to chase after. I got hooked by the writing which was really fun and easy to get into. Besides, replacing the F word with Food was totally a plus for me. Ginger's remarks and exasperation made me laugh out loud. I really enjoyed the dialogue and interactions between the characters too. It even made Carver, who was to me, unlikable the first time for he came across as the usual 'stuck-up rival', actually tolerable and I find myself not minding him as much.

Another favorite part would be the teasing, playful scenes during Radley's route. I love choosing the sassy options, which I never expected, and how it led to hilarious results.

- What parts could be improved upon?

I spotted some grammar errors and typos during Benjamin's route. (e.g 'stratagy') As the story progresses (Like after Day 4?), I felt like the quality of the writing was decreasing as the errors pop out more often. Although the meaning behind the sentences are clear, I think the script in Ben's route needs editing on the grammar part. In Radley and Carver's route, I did notice small typos and grammar errors too, but they were not as frequent and consistent as in Ben's route. I also find the Ginger in Ben's route a little overwhelming with her sarcastic remarks and constant food cursing. Her snarky attitude was fine in the beginning, but when it is used more and more often it kind of loses its effect. Sometimes I felt that Ginger was a little too harsh on him with her frustrations. It made me wish that she could at least be nicer to Ben, not that he complains. I prefer Ginger in Radley and Carver's route, where her colorful food cursing is used more sparingly and the humorous effect retains. Ben is cute and nice too with the way he adds an 'ewe' to Ginger's name, but I guess I find something lacking in his character? Maybe it's just that he wasn't atypical from other character types like him. Put together beside Radley and Carver, I think he just shines less, haha.

- Who was your favorite character?

Funny, based on my first impressions of the characters, I decided to go for Beeenjamin first, who is eccentric in a funny way. But after finishing all three routes, I realized I enjoyed Radley and Carver's route more. After Ben, I tried for Radley and came to adore him, this energetic, hygienic, puppy-like crybaby, more than him, haha. Maybe I'm just a sucker for crybaby boys. Then I got curious about Carver and went for him last. I like how he really is more than your typical snobby rival after all. It was really cute between him and Ginger, and how they changed their relationship and grew to become lovers. So I would pick Radley and Carver as my top characters.

- Would you like to see more games from Gourmet Visual?

Yes, especially if they include delectable treats and fun characters

- Any other random comments?

What is it that Radley was gone for so long near the end of his route for? Maybe I've missed something, and I'm curious...