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The beginning scene, lack of music and the primary use of green gave off this kind of dreary and unsettling atmosphere and throughout the entire innocent quest for bacon (until the ending), I was on the edge of my seat expecting some dark twist haha (like how it usually is with these kind). Then the ending happened and I was pleasantly surprised that it was just a cute and simple game. I like how the occasional swearing and character depiction contrasts with the cute art style. The lack of music somehow fits and made it unique. I think this game despite being very short can stand on its own. Would love an extension but anyways good work; for once something that started out as somewhat unsettling turned out to be simply sweet!


ahhh sorry! :D it was a jam game for gameboy jam so it was the color requirement to have only 4 colors and i picked the green for gameboy look :D i didnt have any music since it had to be made during the jam and well i cant make music so i ended up not having anything to play!! im happy you liked it though, i still have been thinking about making a remake with fixing few tiny bugs but mainly adding color to the world and music. :p