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this will show you all the altar locations so you can unlock the powers

Yea I ran out of time, didnt get to get the mission waypoints in there. appreciate you playing

Just beat the game and man i wanted more!! Definitely keep this up!!

Hey! Really enjoyed the first few levels would love to see you keep working on this !! 

Appreciate the feedback bro! Im still improving as a dev will make sure to focus in on these things for the next Mini Jam I join!! 

Lol I had to take them out after the jam because of that bug. but it wasn't an important bug to spend time fixing when the game jam was only 72 hours! this game is still in development and in need of assisters hit me up on Instagram @Cain.GodTier

For sure lol shoot and that's zipped up too the original is like 3.6GB smh!! lol  im just using the free assets from unreal right now im hoping to run into some 3d artist who want to collab !!

Damn bro I really appreciate this man! Honesty goes far! I want to continue with this project and push it to Mobile devices! Thanks for the feedback

Appreciate that 🥜🥜🥜🥜🥜🙏🏾

I really enjoyed your game bro!!  you are definitely on your way!!



This is actually in talks , need to get a few more devs in my squad then ITS UP

Bro you would kill the game if you put this on mobile GOOD SHIT!!

thanks for the kind words !! I appreciate you giving it a whirl ! 

thanks for the feedback i will definitely update soon!!

great job on the game gonna give you a follow and keep up with your work! Good Luck!

You did a wonderful job im going to follow ! 

Great game !! had fun made it through 3 levels of action what engine are you using?

Had a great time slipping and dodging those cog wheels bro.. Gave you some 5 stars! the graphics i went low just cuz i dislike 2d.. 

I dont see The "Love Is Blind" theme but you guys showcased some mad skills!! following !

SAME really was looking forward to giving this one a rating.. will wait till your first update, if none will give it all 1's bro!!

Great thought, would've loved to see what you could've done with more shit maybe your own app.. Lol