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Thanks very much! ^^

Thanks! I'll keep that in mind, I have other pixel-art fonts of similar sizes.

Really cool game with a lot of potential!

Yep! I'm on Twitter:

Thank you very much!

The "males and princesses" class includes all fertile ants, who usually have wings: males (or drones, now that I know this term), and future queens. The high-color part of the artwork is from the pre-Twine proof of concept made by another artist.

A background is a cool idea, and would be very easy to do (2 lines of CSS), as long as it's completely static. However, I'm thinking of changing the background during the story, like having a storm when you're at war, etc. Twine might show its limits for that :P

As for the errors, I might have done the English translation too quickly without fully testing it, I'll look into it.

Cool idea, though the dice are spawned randomly so I die instantly sometimes.

I can't seem to find the game on the game page. Did you upload it correctly?

That's a start! Next step would be to add win/lose conditions when either health reaches zero. Also, I only have 1 character in the character selection, is that a bug or normal?

Thanks! This is the amount of clovers you kept to the end of the game, I should have displayed the total amount of clovers collected.

Thank you! I have some ideas on moves that could be influential, like bouncing off ladybugs to steal their number, items/situations that bring "bad luck" and decrease your number, etc.

Thanks! Yeah, I never really designed my games around luck elements before. At least I made it so the next number is always different, so you technically have a 20% chance of getting the right number instead of 16.7%.

I'm a solo dev by the way, the submission form completed my answers as "we" for some reason.

Sorry for the invincible ladybugs. The spies in the wooden boxes can be defeated if you ram into them twice if that can help!

Thanks, fixed it!

Actually, I will be able to publish v3.0 in July 22, two days from now! I just have to publish the trailer, and do a final pass/test.

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Thank you! Lots of practice in prototyping, that's how! You can check out my other 2D games if you like this art style / gameplay.

Thank you very much!

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Thank you, steal as much as you want! This style is just great for "placeholder-style" graphics that can still look final.

Cool idea! I wasn't prepared for this XD

Cool game, well done! I went for a trial-and-error approach on the last level :p

Move the rope into the yellow zones, and avoid the stars. This battle is a bit… unconventional ^^

Thank you! It depends strongly on my spare time, but I have plans for completing it!

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Cool, it might come from the beta status of Godot 3.4, thanks for the info. I'll review the changelog of the RC1 and reupload if there's a fix.

Did you try on the web version, or on one of the native builds? Did you try to move the dog with the arrow keys, or WASD?

Yeah apparently. Or they downloaded one of the (bug-free) native versions after they encountered the bug on the web version.

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That was supposed to be the gallows. I must have messed up on the textures for the web export. Thanks for telling me!
EDIT: just fixed it, thanks again!

Thanks! Yeah I made the music, I'm glad you enjoyed it ^^

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Thanks! The clue is that the ghost looks at the top left corner of the screen, where your HP is, and at this point in the adventure you have a maximum of 5 HP, so that's V.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the game ^^

Thank you! For the password, let's say that this is a particular roman numeral :P

The game should be finished by the end of the year, or even next week if all goes well.

I just learned that not all compo entries are ranked, so the game should be compared with 800 participants:

  • Overall : 630
  • Fun : 629
  • Innovation : 629
  • Theme : 630
  • Graphics : 610
  • Audio : 499
  • Humor : 465
  • Mood : 576

Thanks! Just uploaded all 3 games.

Thanks for your feedback! I will tweak kickback and item dropping and release a new version when I have the time.

That's possible, I was trying the engine's particle system for the first time. The light system too (and because there is a non-black&white light sprite I guess Godot spends more time computing it)

I don't know!!! I could have done another enemy & a score system to make it a decent game!! But Godot is so cool for polishing games even if they're not finished!!! :P

Thanks for playing! I'll try to improve the tutorial about shooting, and modify the narration flow (maybe static text that scrolls as slowly as the level wasn't a very good idea)

To be clear: there is no boss in the game. I usually put bosses in my games but I didn't have time (to do a boss music, its ending, and to make a decent boss other than a stronger-than-usual turret or something).

I put the sign at the end to apologize, maybe it wasn't clear (English is not my primary language) :p

Thanks for the criticism, you're not the only one to point it. I'm thinking about adding a health bar, like a radial bar shaped like a snail shell or something similar. Making the easy mode not the default one :p

Thank you!

The lives mechanic is intentional: the protagonist is in the afterlife and can't die. This also serves as a score. And I thought this reinforces the idea of the game giving you Second Chances all the time ;)

Thank you ^^