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In my experience playing the game, there's three possible options.

1. You need to go to a specific location at a specific time for the next event.

2. You need to contact her first.

3. You made a wrong decision and accidentally closed off her route.

Dude, it's a single boob grope, and your character can almost immediately stop it by decking him across the face. If you weren't expecting any potential non-con stuff on a game that literally presents itself as having Corruption, Prostitution, and Bimbofication, then that's a you problem, and you should probably start wearing a helmet from now on.

I've had a similar thing happen, I selected my character to be female, but it keeps referring to her as being futa. :/

Yeah, the keyword there is try. Every attempt made, you can put a stop to. If I recall, stopping it at both points is how you tell the game not to give you more.

I'm trying to recall any unavoidable non-con scenes, and drawing a blank. In my experience playing this game, every non-con, assault, rape, etc scene was always something you could get out of. The dream sequences have absolutely no effect on the rest of the game, so if you don't like the content in them, it's pretty easy to just.......hit ctrl and skip them.

You pretty much just need to choose the more depraved, sexual, and morally questionable actions. Wandering the city, I've found, is a pretty good way to get events that boost your corruption. As are decisions you make at work, at the Bakery it's a good idea to be extremely submissive towards Keith belittling you to get your corruption up, and at the Cafe doing the sexual favors for bigger tips gets it up pretty well, in my experience.

Really been enjoying this game so far, and I enjoy how much different content there is.

However, can we expect to see nsfw content with other side characters? Personally, I'd most be looking forwards to August or Alice, because tomboys are amazing.