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Nice job, I really like the font 👌

Love the plot twist at the end, was kind of weird when you fall through the tiles, but at least you have the R key. and I agree with philipthedev, finding the e key was pretty annoying but overall the game was really nice.

Alright... I'm just gonna say this, this game looks amazing! The pixel art, the shaders, it just looks awesome. I felt like the torches, although I loved their particle systems, were a little unnecessary.

I like the game, a shoot cooldown would be nice becase if you slow time you can just jitter shoot the limbs away.

I like the gameplay and having different paths to take to not get in your ghost's way, but at most times I think the camera being centered to the player would be better because I found myself doing a leap of faith into a pool of replicas because I didn't see where they were coming from.

Very fun game, I like the take on the grandfather paradox. Although, I would increase the camera size so the player can see where they shoot, most times I would just be trying different angles. But overall good game!

I like the idea and the character design, but it's very hard and I couldn't even beat the first (if there are more) room.

Nice that you made a brainfuck game, I always love seeing people do cool stuff with it, but sorry for the ratings I gotta stay fair :'(

The controls felt a little awkward, But once you get used to it the game overall is fun. I really liked the boss battle, but was something supposed to happen after the boss fell through the ground? 

I know how the mushrooms caused "paradoxes" but how exactly were they paradox?

The controls are a little dizzying, but still pretty fun and interesting system

really fun game, it's just pretty hard. The player character also reminds me of these inkognitos in the third pokemon

well I guess I'm just an elite gamer 😎

really nice game, love the idea!

really fun concept, altho I think changing the gravity would be easier if you just have one button to press instead of saying up and down. Would like to see more levels!

The owner sometimes just warps out of the house and I didn't make it to kill him once XD but the graphics are very good

aaaah sweet sweet jojo reference, nice game tho you kind of jump a little too far and what I found funny was that when you kill an enemy on a bouncy pad and let his body hit you, you fly very high.

This game has so much potential! I loved the boss fight with the puzzla and skill based part! I would love to see more story and in general more of this game, maybe other scales for other episodes/bosses or something. Overall, just a great game, loved it! 

First of all: thank you so much, that really means a lot to me. And I actually encountered that overlapping bug as well, I wrote some code that should have fixed it but couldn't test it so I just uploaded everything. If I get to fix the problem, I'll reupload the build!

That's a pretty cool game, sometimes a little laggy and I feel like the jumping is a little useless but overall pretty great. (the art is really cool)

That's a pretty cool game, sometimes a little laggy and I feel like the jumping is a little useless but overall pretty great. (the art is really cool)

hmmmm I can't run the game...  it says:

Application folder:
C:/Users/%username%/Downloads/Bad game/Bad game
There should be 'very bad game pls dont play_Data'
folder next to the executable

I somehow can't move...

I'm confused... first of all the human is looking backwards :'D and second, I don't get if you have to hit the  human or the ground. The game also doesn't really feel responsive. But I like the idea of being a meteor. 

I really like this game, because 

  • it reminds me of the undyne fight in undertale ;)
  • I like how you bring WASD a the arrow keys together
  • it creates a really good athmosphere and I could play it for 20 minutes straight

The thing is, it is a bit too hard. You could make the canvas bigger, or the people slower or something, but that's it actually.

Cool game!

nice game, the controls were a bit unclear but looking at the comments after the first try just dying helped me. Cool game, the post processing kind of destroyed it a bit. It was a bit unpleasent for the eye, but cool idea!

Wow! This game is just absolutely terrific! The idea, the art, the sounds, the polish everything just works together great! You don't even need music, I think rain noises would improve it. But dude, great work 

That's really sick, the game is just really nice to play, nice and realistic art, I even got to spawn the tower before I died :'D Great work, and as someone already said it misses some audio 

pretty cool game, didn't really know what to do after I cooled the ingot but somehow I managed to get a sword :'D (and it's a little laggy some items just fell in the void) but overall pretty cool game

That game is super well done! The controls really feel good and I like the enemy behaviour. All in all, great game.

yeah that could be, but thanks for playing the game. And you kind of went from 0 to 100 real quick XD but yeah that's also a good idea.

First of all:Thank you! I really appreciate all the feedback and I will also make sure to maybe get an updated version out after the jam ends (or later hehe).

That's so nice to hear! Pretty releaving to know that people enjoy the game :) Thank you!

thank you for the feedback! I thought of that a bit too late so I tried adding a little irony to the tutorial guide (now they should work and will never get tired or something) but yeah I was running a bit low on time would have been a great feature  :D.

pretty fun game, but it's kind of too easy if you just go in a Ꝏ pattern. But it was really fun!

really fun to play! More than I expected it to  be to be honest! I think you can even expand the game with more levels and gardens or themes and so on. So in general, you did great!

pretty fun game, I like solving the puzzles and sometimes getting the enemy just as far away from you as possible XD. Good job!

wow the game was pretty fun and well made. good job!

Wow, just wow, this is actually one of the best jam games I played so far, the controls, the mechanics and the art and all in all the grame is just amazing! Good job sir.

pretty fun game but I don't like that the 2 levels are always repeating. I don't really mind it but add a few more levels and it'd make a fun mobile game for idk a bus ride or something.