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Thank you very much for the support, it really means a lot to us :)

sounds like a really good idea

This game's so trippy :)

High score : 593900

Not gonna lie, sliding and walljumping trough levels feels really nice! I would suggest speeding up the climb animation tho, it kinda interrupts the momentum :)

Thank you for the feedback :) I will address some issues with a future release so stay tuned!

This game actually resembles the one i've submitted for the Dream Arcade Archive. Also it would have been thematically fitting, unfortunately you already made it

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I've used Godot's Light 2d node in mask mode to hide the enemies when they exit player's field of view. Hope it can be useful to you :)

(also you can't really escape, the levels loop indefinitely )

Hi man, we are a 2 people team (programmer and graphic designer) looking for a composer. I don't know why but twitter does not allow me to text you, so if you are intrested here's my twitter ( and discord (Lorespo#9181)

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Hi :-) we're looking for a sound designer for the Arcade Game Project. We found your works and you may be the one that we're looking for. How about join us? Discord me Lorespo#9181