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Thank you!

It started as a passion project to make my own platform fighter and eventually I started taking it seriously and am in the process of developing this kit as well as my own commercial project using it. I'm trying this thing where I gather my users in a support discord and they can participate in open discussion about what they'd like to see added and such to continue bringing more value to it overtime.

Smash Kit on!

If you've ever wanted to dive into Unreal or are already knee deep and want to create these types of games (Platform Fighter/Smash Clones) then this will help you get started.

This is an absolutely amazing product for anyone making a 2D project in the Unreal Engine. Communication with the dev is fast, The tools are so easy to use especially if you've already used the 3D tools that come built in to the default engine. This makes up for lack of 2D support for an AnimNotify system and a StateMachine Editor. They added Sequencer support for anyone who needs easy cutscene/cinematic tools!