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Celestial community · Created a new topic Feedback!

Here you can leave any feedback feel free!

started working on new Ancient buildings to explore.

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Started a other Attempt on creating a modular Base.

Added some new foliage.

Been working on some new animations for walking sidewards.

Working on improving the displays to easier tell what is needed.

been working on creating a graph for all recipes.

Added some logic which speeds up night times, with also taking care of multiplayer since one person can be on the opposite side of the planet I had to find a way to figure out when the rotation should actually speed up.

Started working on Caves/Tunnels and ancient buildings, these will be important for the main story of the game.

Been working on my Planet shader to implement new bioms.

Grid inventory system still some work to do.

Celestial community · Created a new topic Bug report.
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Current version 0.5.2

Celestial is an open world space survival which is playing on a Spherical world.

  • Explorer an open free area of 380 square kilometers no invisible walls or borders to stop you.
  • Gather Resources to Craft/Build up your base and Survive.
  • Fight several different enemy's which will Spawn out of Procedural placed Spawn points which can be destroyed again!

try it out and leave some feedback! :)

best game and dev out there :D

really like the style of this game, keep up the good work!

Solid wall Shooting game!