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completely forgot about this, i got a computer in the past year ill try the game now

this was really good and well made! will there be more in the future? 

i love this game its so funny!

took me a while to figure out how to finish and when i did, i was happy. thanks for the great puzzle game! love it!

i love it

it's not a web browser game, wasn't made eligible with the browser so unfortunately you cant play it in the browser

ok, thanks

i love it. it's so entertaining!


this is awesome

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wow this is really cool, kinda like doom in a way

(the older doom)

this game is sooo fun, but i keep running into a problem when i get to the tank part. i box appears on my screen saying something about javascript. then i can't continue the game. anyone know how to fix?

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:o wow this was really fun to play! love it! also i went back to pet the dog for eternity, a cool and interesting ending!

well it would show what seemed to be a main menu screen but no start button. but eventually i just pressed every button on the keyboard and got in

yeah that might be it. i used a playstation controller for the web browser. im also using a mac

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im having trouble actually starting and playing the game. there is no start button or anything. (im using web browser) 

never mind i got it i think

dispite hating the dab, i absolutely love this game

seems like a fun game and it seems that it should work with a controller, but when i use a controller only jump and move/look work :(  is there something im doing wrong?

wow, thats really neat

this is actually amazing

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wow really cool! i tried playing on my ps3 controller, worked, and it was so cool!, i little hard to control though. edit: ive been playing so much it is so fun


well done

i cant get past level 8 :(


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i think i broke it

never mind

alternate story: you're awake and your child is messing with you 

so far so good, i like the endings i've gotten. still trying to figure out if you can get into sector-L 

haha i found 2 endings, thats cool

wow! well made, and really fun

Woah you can plug controllers to your computer! Epic

it seems to me this (amazing) game is on XBOX... is it on playstation? :)


i want to play this, but im on mac, do you think you can make it work on mac? if no its fine. i dont know how that stuff works, so i dont even know if you can make it on ma

i broke it

lol i ran into a something in a mirror and it just made multiple fnaf animatronic noises at once

what do you do if theres "approaching danger"