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Pixel Fx Designer community · Created a new topic examples

Is there examples of the effects shown, like the waterfall? I would like something like that could show me how to do something like that. It'd be nice if it comes with some examples if you buy it

I don't know if you figured it out yet, but you can use it in gms2. Just divide the size by 4 to get 64x64. You can go 128 also to give it better resolution 

I'm curious if I can use this with game maker 2 to do the 46 piece autotile? Looks like it has parts of it but not all of them

I have no experience on it, the reason I'm paying for sprites and tilemaps. If you were willing to do it I would be willing to pay. I have other ground tilemqps but I want it to match with what I bought from you.

Is there anyway possible to make the dirt and grass areas have transparent borders instead of green or whatever color? Like have it where it's just the grass or dirt?

Can this be used for autotile in gms2?

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So I actually did make a swimming state. All I did was take the run carry image and cut the legs off it. I then detected the land from the water with tile collision. When the player hits the water it changes the sprite and the player also slows down. I then added a stamina bar to keep the player from swimming too far. Works pretty good so far.

Is there anyway you could make this into 64 by 64 and also make it where I can setup auto tile for game maker ? Also animated watertiles would be pretty awesome. 

Well if you ever plan on it I would be willing to pay more, I'm not very artistic.

so I have an idea and wonder if you could possibly add it to the package. I want like a dirt sprite or something where the slimes can spawn out of. Make an animation where  it looks like something just came from underground. 

Thanks, appreciate it. Is there a master auto tile image? I think it would be easier to create them all from one so you don't have to keep creating tile layers.

I just bought this pack and tried auto tile on gms2. When I insert it from left to right, top to bottom it doesn't work (the blank tile first). When I do it opposite it does work but doesn't look right. Is it supposed to be like this

Hey Shaun, so far loving the tutorials. I would love to see some kind of swimming state. I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard and will probably try it myself. I'm just horrible at making sprites, I'm going to have to pay someone to design mine when I switch them out. So if you get bored or if anyone gets bored I would love a sprite of the character swimming. 

Darkness variable should be it. I'm guessing 0.7 is the darkest, try changing it to 0.4 or something.

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There should be  a variable somewhere that controls when its day and night. I haven't watched this tutorial but in my game I have a variable called value_ and it goes from 0.0 to 1.0.    0.5 is noon and 1.0 is midnight. I'm sure it's something similar and all you do is update that variable when the game starts.