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thanks, i am glad i have so many fans allready

I dont get what you are supposed to do...

This game is way too short...

i started playing this game expecting a generic boring and simple platformer, but i was pleasantly surprised. The art style is unique, and very nostalgic. it reminds me of a Metroid game. The controls are easy to understand, but tough to master. The sprites look great. The only thing i didn't really like is the enemy placement. Many times an enemy was directly above your line of fire so he was really hard to shoot. Other times there were a bunch of enemies in one spot, so because of the slow rate of fire, you had to jump in front of them, shoot one, jump up on a different platform, and repeat this several times making it pretty frustrating. Overall, great work!

Hello everyone!

We are a team of two who have just started making videogames recently as a hobby. This is our first completed project. It is a game where you start with a very simple moveset, and use it to interact with your enviroment in many different ways. The game starts off simple to present the main mechanics to you, but offers a tough challenge after you've mastered the controls. There are currently 6 levels, but a lot more will be coming soon! If you are interested and would like to check it out and offer some feedback for us, you can go to the game's page by clicking here.

Any feedback, positive or negative is welcome, but please criticise constructively!

Any small donations will be greatly appreciated, as they help us out a lot, and let us devote more time into making games :)