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if the screenshot is to the image in a new tab.

Great stuff.Have add it via OpenUPM.

Have upgrade it myself.I have no experience with github otherwise i can offer my changes there.

Can you please fix the "AssetImporterEditor.ResetValues() is obsolete" warning for Unity Version 2022 and higher?

Great stuff

That sounds great.Great stuff...

Is it possible to make a full copy of the right sided toolbar?
With the standard icons and foldout feature?
So we can move the toolbar where ever we want, and that were great stuff.

I love it.Just a little bit darker as option.

Thanks alot

First..its a great game, run on a Raspberry fine with Batocerra.
Have just one question...what pixelsize have the Turrican Playersprite?

Sorry for that question, but would you provide a Godot 4 version too?

Topic says all if anyone interested.
Just use the AmigaCD32 Pal or maybe NTSC iso.
Runs smooth on my Raspberry

Hi, how can i start it on Batocera/Retropie etc.  ? The lha file inside doesn´t work of course.
Is there a standalone lha file that i can use with whdload?

Oh cool.Didn´t see that.

Can you please add a rotate viewport/canvas function?
I.e. an anchor on the canvas for free rotation.

First, thanks for that hard work on pixelorama.Is it possible to add better pen tablet support? Not pressure but switching between Pen and Eraser doesn´t work correctly.I can simulate B/E on the xp-pen software and set the Pen and Erazer B/E in pixelorama, but the hell it doesn´t work.

Thanks for that info.I will take a look at this niece piece of software over the xmas days.thanks

dx12? so i don´t have to install dx9? thats okay.
Are there plans for animating sprites with spritesheets and tilesets for maps?

can we choose between opengl and dx on windows? and wich dx version is used?

great stuff.I played so long time no games.This i will try