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Ben Walter

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we maybe should add drop shadows haha

all the art is 2d, so it's not possible for them to be clipping through :)

his work is always the best isn't it? a true joy to work with him again!

thank you very much!

that would be amazing! I haven't figured out porting from gamemaker to anything other than windows and HTML yet, but hopefully someday!

ooooh haha ok. Thank you!

Haha Yes it is :D isn't that what is expected?

Thanks! :)


thank you :)

Thank you!

oh, there is a function for that in gamemaker. "gamepad_set_vibration" i think. i set it equal in scale to that view shake i described :) 

if you mean screen shake, there is a variable (called var from now on) in the camera object i create which constantly lerps to 0. On hit, this var gets bumped up. the view is set to the camera object's position plus a random value between -var and var.  thats all :)

I ran out of time to put one in, so it will be in a future update. :)

The pause menu and options menu tell you the controls, and you can figure out how to score in combat based on how enemies score-- simply throw the ball over the enemy's hedge :) using your special abilities will help you achieve this goal.

Thanks for playing it! :)


Thank you! There were some visual bugs happening with the cursor in slow-mo mode so I had to remove it. I'll try to look for a fix!

I added controller support a couple days ago :) Hope you give it another try!

Thank you <3 it means a lot!

Thank you! :D

Approach the statues where you re-spawn scattered throughout the world, and they will light. if it lights, the game has saved :)

I'm glad you like it! This combat system was inspired by Zelda 2, and it was seeing a system like this that made me start making this game in the first place! :D

Thank you! :D

thank you :)


Thank you! I know its hard to get used to but it was the best ballance of skill i think to keep the player engaged and active in the game :) glad you enjoy playing it now that you are used to it!

Well the idea was to have the game feel like an arcade game, i think the music succeeds there!

Thank you!!!


Thanks :D

Im sure its more fun once you get a hang of the controls. I just didnt.

An interesting and unexpected take on the theme :) 

Enjoyably frustrating and rewarding :) good game!

Well balanced and enjoyable to play :)

Fun little game!

Interesting concept. It may have been wise to make it so that you didn't have to get a perfect throw to make any distance at all.

It's fairly good, but the mouse-control feels too exact, like i'm not doing enough. turns the experience into more of a mind-numbing stare at the screen than an engaging experience.

Thank you!

you can hold down the mouse button to autofire