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Ben Walter

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Sorry, todo list got lost when I built my new computer. Uploading now!

The source code will be available soon!

You know its been long enough that I think I would actually be comfortable with that. I will see what I can do tomorrow. 

One note: it is made in Game maker 1.4.

Sorry for the delay! Unfortunately I'm a bit busy to do any of this at the moment. Best of luck! :)



not at the moment :)

I'll look into it!

thanks! glad you liked it!

thank you :)

Alternate Title:

Getting over it with Dootguy.

thanks for the feedback! As is, autodiggers cannot feed into pipes. There is a seperate mining drill which will drill up additional materials and feed into pipes, at the cost of needing steam to run :)

I should probably add a second tool (a wrench or something) for picking up items

sorry I never replied to this!

There is an option in the options menu to delete your save file :) If you aren't *that* far in the game, it would be a way to unlock it.

thanks for your insight! 

thank you! I forgot to add that to the description!

Looks good! You can post progress anywhere! In community, twitter whatever you like :)

Good luck! 

Sorry about that :/ I got indesposed at a bad time. 

Not bad!

You absolute legend!

woo!!!! As far as i know this is the current World Record!

I'd like to update you on progress: It has been largely unsuccessful. I would suggest trying to use Wine in the meantime :)

That's not bad!

thanks! bows do exist in the game :) i plan to figure out a keyboard update post jam. move, attack, and inventory on keyboard wont be great either, so a mix will probably be preferrable to most players.

Oh no! I've tried and failed many times to get porting working. I'll try again!

due to the inventory, joystick may not be an option. i think i can come up with a way to do inventory with keyboard though

Yeah! :D

Thanks! I was trying to think of a good way to do movement and attacking and my tired brain didn't think of arrows AND WASD?!

On the plus side, I do like the frantic feeling of clicking while trying to beat the ghost timer in the later levels.

I'll add it to the first post-jam Update :)

When I am able to come back and add more content I'll be sure to fix spell-casting! It's quite buggy as is. I'll make sure it doesn't do team damage any more :)

thanks so much! I loved the video too!

thank you!

we maybe should add drop shadows haha

all the art is 2d, so it's not possible for them to be clipping through :)

his work is always the best isn't it? a true joy to work with him again!

thank you very much!

that would be amazing! I haven't figured out porting from gamemaker to anything other than windows and HTML yet, but hopefully someday!

ooooh haha ok. Thank you!

Haha Yes it is :D isn't that what is expected?

Thanks! :)