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you can hold down the mouse button to autofire

they are supposed to be reminiscent of old arcade :)

Hey MANI :)  

Go right ahead. Please note before you start that this project was restarted and re-iterated about 4 times, so there are loads of unused features, as well as bugs that don't apply to the game because they never happen for you to dig up.

Please send any findings etc to

I'm thinking i may add something like that in the future :)

Thanks! I may see what i can do in the mobile area, but i've never developed for it before. I want to expand how you interact with the simulation and probably add an impending doom to work towards first :D

I'll try to see if i can get a gameplay video up somewhere :)

The game works like this: you select a hometown and make your character, and then choose destinations to travel to. by fighting monsters and searching ruins you gain gold, which will help you hire more troops and get more powerful. 

This game is in alpha so right now the goal is to create the strongest team you can and fight monsters in the world.

Until i can get a video up, i hope this helps! :)

thanks! i was working on it a while back but ran out of steam, so rather than completing it half-heartedly, i've shelved it until i can get back at it with full potential :)

absolutely :) you can follow my twitter (@bwalter_indie) for future updates.

thanks! :D im rebuilding it now for a more complete release.

thank you! :D

thanks! Haha happy to invoke some nostalgia for you haha

sure thing! i updated it for you :)

ok i pushed a fix for html! thanks!

ok i pushed a fix! thank you!

thank you very much! and im sorry to hear that... i guess i missed that bug :/ i'll search for it immediately!

oh no! i guess i missed that bug in testing :/ i'll try and find what door it was and get it fixed up soon :D