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Hi, I have purchased the set the other day and I am very impressed with it. In my case I don´t miss the attack animations that much, but some more villains/enemies. I think that an additional set with some enemy characters (i.e a couple more killers and some monsters/ghosts) would be very useful and I would definitely purchase it. In any case great job with this set and the previous ones. Now I have to look for time to make a game with it...

If I can make a suggestion for the new tiles you are making a piano and/or an organ would be very nice for mystery games :)

I feel very happy yo hear that. Thank you!!

Thank you again! I didn´t know that Safari doesn´t support .ogg, and in Mac I have had only tried with Firefox and Chrome where it plays correctly. I have now tried in Safari and yes, the music is not playing . For the sounds both .ogg and .m4a are there (altough some sound weird in Safari) but because the game was meant to be played online I only put the .ogg files to make the game data as small as possible. I will put the .m4a music files there when I update the game. In the meantime I can suggest you playing in another browser.

Again thank you for playing and for spotting this problem! :)

Thank you so much! It is very nice to hear that the game is being enjoyed! :)

Where do you get the 404 error? I would like to fix it but I can play the game in different computers without any issue in the music.