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trying to start the new orc gangbang event while interested in males causes a crash to desktop with the words "Fatal Error"

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Just sorta curious if it's at all possible to "have fun" with either Olaf or Lagos (or both!)  on the mission. Perhaps I'm missing a skill? Excited for more of them!

Alexi my beloved! Olaf is fine as hell too. Thanks for the update!

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I have found ever single music scroll, underwear, sniffet, completed the dicktionary except the spots for the Normal king and Beryllus I assume (unless the cursed enemies count... I'm not even sure considering I can rent a room but the move spots are just question marks,) and have everyone (even the shopkeeps) at max affection and all endings. Except the secret one. The only thing I've yet to do is get all the work-related memories that can be seen with Liam's Remem-beer. So unless it's that... 

Patreon has up to UB 40. Seems the creator decided against updating the page.

Ooh, I see! I missed that in the patch notes. My mistake. Excited for whatever is next, GL!

Damn, only a single talking scene with Alexi? Absolutely criminal! Can't wait for more. 

On another note Im getting an ERROR message in the coliseum occasionally and then it just ends the usual way. I've seen the champion fight and One-Eye fight, but the third just seems to be an Error? Not sure what's up with that.

holy two nsfw scenes back to back?? this game is amazing!

saw this here and decided to become a patron, tho maybe i shoulda done some more digging because i was left rather disappointed there was no scene where Oscar did the MC. oh well.

Sorry if this seems like a stupid question (haven't played much), but is there any way to not have to transform myself? I like the idea of the big monsters doing *you know what* to me, not becoming one of them myself.

Has anyone found the key for this? I'm convinced it's behind that weird wall in the Torment Tower but I have no idea where I would get a bomb to open the wall with. Is it even in this version??

Holy moly! Who's the hunk on the far right of the game banner, where can I find him and will he please have a route?!

Unfortunate, but understandable. Thanks for your time.

While checking the Trello to see what tomorrow's update would entail, I noticed a bunch of what I only assume to be DLC characters-- including the Rulius one I saw a while back and got all excited for-- deleted.  Was it all scrapped? Or is it just too soon to commit to that publicly?

Is there a way to work for both Duilio and Kuri at the same time? Or do I need like 4 different save files for each different MSQ character? 'Cause that's absolutely annoying.

I noticed Rulius as a DLC affinity character on the Trello board. Is he a kickstarter backer only character? If not, then I am SO excited!

Looks to me like you're missing Liam and Raphael. Raph is at place where you duel for rocks (same as the ones from working with Orderic) and Liam I believe is found dueling for the meat over on that island.

You can see the difficulty of certain enemies when you unlock the library (Generally the redder/pinker they are the tougher they are-- excluding the knights. And npcs found later in the game will typically be harder to beat.) Also no, from my experience the abilities unlock in a set order, you just have to do enough battles. Once you have completed the skill training, the rest of the moves can be bought from Arthur.

I know this might be a bit much to ask but could you possibly send a screenie of the 3 daddy orcs in the dicktionary you have? Just so I can be sure?

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I just recently looked at the kickstarter page and realized that who I knew as "Valdo" was actually supposed to be Waldo. I'm playing on a save from I believe the 3.3 demo version if that helps at all.

EDIT: Started an entirely new save, and his name is still like that, but it's correct in text (eg, Waldo and Barto). Not sure if I just missed it on my first play-through but eh.

I've done about 200-300 battles over the different areas and haven't seen one once. Any hints? 

Has anyone seen/fought the red daddy orc? I'm trying to complete the dicktionary and aside from the 5 spots after the twins I'm only missing that enemy. Is it even in the game?

I just went with the prepaid visa gift card and it worked fine. Thanks for the suggestions though!

I really want to purchase a game but Paypal is currently being difficult with me and my personal card won't work either. Does anyone know if one of those prepaid visa gift cards will work in place of a regular card to buy games? I'm in Canada if it makes any difference.

Is there any content with Grisus after finishing the Main Story quest with Ruvin?

If not, is there an approximation on when that's happening?

Will there ever be an Amok romance path? I prefer the beefier men ! : )

Awesome! Loving the game so far, btw. Keep at it!

Once NSFW content is added in the DLC wil we have the option of top/bottom for each uncle, or does it follow their specific preference?