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Thanks! Means a lot coming from you :)

This is awesome! I love the art and the music/sound effects. The theme of the jam shines through as well! (get it?) However, i think that the game play was a bit unintuitive, i found myself getting lost in most of the levels, and I also encountered a few glitches. Overall this is definitely one of the better entries I've tried out so far.  :)

Thanks for the feedback! I had never really worked with audio in my projects before this, so i agree with you on that front. I can see what you mean about the passive health drain, I really wanted to emphasize the feeling that you were constantly under pressure to gather more item drops, but maybe i didn't take the best approach at it. I plan on working on this game a bit more after the heart jam is finished, so I'll definitely be taking your critiques into account.  :)

I'm glad you like it!

thank you! I think it turned out well 

you should kermit hannah baker ヽ(◉◡◔)ノ