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Thanks for taking the time to play it and the feedback!

Yep, you're definitely right about those things. I think I got too focused on putting the camera in a location that didn't let the player see out of bounds that I didn't think to consider what felt the best. And as for audio I just didn't think about it which was foolish on my part. A nice charging sounds and a *THUNK* or a *clink* when hitting the relic would have been pretty awesome.

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I really like aesthetics that mix 2D and 3D and it's something I'd like to play with more. I chose to not have sideways facing sprites to save time, but I wonder if that increased the difficulty in aiming sideways since you have less feedback when moving left/right. No SFX and better explaining the charge mechanic are definitely my two biggest regrets here.

Thanks for playing, and for the feedback! Yeah, I definitely feel silly not including a simple tutorial message about holding.

Thanks for playing!

Yeah, the idea of taking care of something by just whacking it around the place was the impetus for the whole idea and I just found it too amusing not to use.

Wow, this one looks amazing. Plays really great too!

Wonderfully simple idea that is very well executed. Fantastic level design!

This game has so much charm and I love it!

Well done on the visual polish and juice. It feels really great to control dragon and all his infinite rage.

I will put a poll out to move it to November, but it was actually moved to the start of October last year for this reason.

We won't be able to have it on that weekend. Melbourne games week ends on the 29th, so a lot of people will be out of state until late on the 30th. We could move it to the next weekend of the 5th and 6th though.