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Ben Marquez Keenan

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These names are so good.

Imma smush em so hard

Noice! Love the lil helmet and shield.

Can't wait to give this a try!

This looks awesome! Any chance of a MacOS or WebGL build?

OOooooOooh! Beautiful!

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This is a lovely little game created by a 3-person team at the 2019 Global Game Jam. We'd never met before, but realised that we had all lived abroad at some point in our lives, and wanted to use this to explore the idea of Home.

It's keyboard-only, uses tank controls, and as you play through the game and unlock new areas to explore, choosing which colours to nourish, you can affect your stats and change how your character controls.

I really hope you like it!


Yeah can you add mp pls and also what's the lore


So nice and so true – I've had issues running it in the client, but I'll try again on the normal page. I'm also experiencing the same with my janky WIP, adding some sparkles takes the focus off the jank and lets people see what it might become.

Ha! Cool idea and nicely done!

This is awesome, nice documentation too!

This is a really cool one-touch platformer with a clever mechanic and awesome art. I love it!

I love the style, it's gorgeous!

Love the look and feel, but don't know what to double-tap for the barrell-rolll, and Z is slightly awkward while using WASD – is that intentional? What about space or enter to fire?