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For now I just delete MAST before building and re-import the package to do editing.  Its a royal pain.

I'm pretty sure its an issue with MAST editor scripts not being wrapped with #if UNITY_EDITOR in the correct places.   The MAST package needs to be fixed.

You don't need a Mac to build for a Mac.  The Windows version of Unity can build for any platform.  But I think you should get build errors even if you build for Windows.  Did you try that?

Sure.  That is definitely the cause, I tried wrapping the errors in #if UNITY_EDITOR but that just caused more error.  I suggest you just try to build for macOS and you should be able to find them all.

I imported MAST into Unity but then I could not build for macOS.  It looks like the Editor scripts are preventing building.  Maybe I somehow need to move the package after its installed?  Has anyone got a macOS build to work with MAST installed?  If so how?