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MAST Prevents build

A topic by burningthumb created Oct 28, 2019 Views: 218 Replies: 11
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I imported MAST into Unity but then I could not build for macOS.  It looks like the Editor scripts are preventing building.  Maybe I somehow need to move the package after its installed?  Has anyone got a macOS build to work with MAST installed?  If so how?

can you screenshot the error log?  It's probably an editor script that's trying to build with your project.  I thought I got them all.

Sure.  That is definitely the cause, I tried wrapping the errors in #if UNITY_EDITOR but that just caused more error.  I suggest you just try to build for macOS and you should be able to find them all.

I won't be able to test it since I dont own a mac.  All I can suggest is make a backup of your scene, then use the MAST tools button to remove MAST component script from the gameobjects placed with MAST.  Then move MAST out of your project before the build.

You don't need a Mac to build for a Mac.  The Windows version of Unity can build for any platform.  But I think you should get build errors even if you build for Windows.  Did you try that?

Not lately.  Was some time prior to release that I had built an app.  I will look into it further.  will be in a few days before i can

I will try to research this later.

I actually get the same issues trying to create a build on windows. (Version 1.1)

Could it be an issue with the Unity Package missing asmdef files? I don't see any when I do the import?

I'm pretty sure its an issue with MAST editor scripts not being wrapped with #if UNITY_EDITOR in the correct places.   The MAST package needs to be fixed.


For now I just delete MAST before building and re-import the package to do editing.  Its a royal pain.


I did a little digging, and I was able to get it building without having to hunt down all the #if UNITY_EDITOR placements.

I moved MAST_Prefab_Component into a new folder called Components that's along side the Scripts folder.  I then added an asmdef file in both folders, I set the scripts' asmdef to be editor only,  and gave it a reference to the components' asmdef. 


Can you friend me on Discord?  Keith at FSP#5441 so I can discuss this with you?  I will be dedicating Thursday and Friday to MAST and will get this implemented.