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good to be working with yall :)

this is very cute

why can't i pay for it?

is the game going to be updated on this page? either way i love your art! i'm excited to see where this goes!

very cute

super cute! if you added more locations to this it could be absolutely wonderful! 

this is super cute! i only played one ending on this video here but i will definitely grind to get all the other ones lol keep it up!!! 

this is a super cute game!! it took me a sec to figure out how to play this game strategically but once i figured it out i had a lot of fun! also i played it youtube 

wait is it still the same length as the demo from like 6 months ago? either way i still think about this game a lot and i'm so glad it's on itch now


i'm not sure what caused it, but i thought i would point it out!

Thank you so much! I have the soundtrack up for download on my bandcamp, if you'd like :)

I made the music for the game, and I really appreciate your compliment!

yes! my discord is cheetahsweater#0134

well i'm really excited!!

ohhh!!! yeah i think it probably was clear and i'm just not very bright, but thank you for telling me! also yeah lol the trash can was kind of hard to use jgksfgjdlfj

anyways, it's no problem! i think it's fun to play these games so i'm gonna probably be doing this a lot!

no problem! not sure what feedback i gave lol this honestly doesn't need any improvement in my opinion. it's super great, even having to play it alone!

yeah! i understand that there was a deadline, so no hard feelings! the routes that were completed were good enough to make up for it!

sure! do you have an email or something you'd want me to send things too! also, no problem! i'll be sure to revisit it when the time comes!

no problem!! maybe we could collaborate in the future...i do make music after all :D

this game is one of the funniest games i've played in a while! great job lol i hope you keep updating this, even after the game jam!

really inventive and clever game! 

good game! i love the graphical style and it's very simple, which i think works in its benefit!! 

pretty cool concept, hope to see more! also, please let me make music for this game! 

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aww this is cute! and hard! can't wait for more!

super cute game! i love it!

this got me GOOD bruh i was crying by the end of it, this is so personal and yet it struck a chord with me deeply in a way i wasn't expecting. brilliant job.

it looks pretty neato