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I would love to see the story continue. This thing could become something like the firefly of visual novels. I guess it would be challanging though, since there are 5 characters to make routes for.

Cool concept, looking forward to what you'll do with it. 

Did you draw inspiration from Dragon Age and possibly Final Fantasy XIII ?

Well then I hope, with those tags, you can find something that conforms to your fixed demands of every story you read.

He is one of the characters who has a route in the VN - Extracurricular activities.

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So, I've been through Gil's route. I don't think it is sexual harassment. MC is clearly enjoying himself. I think he feels conflicted because of the Teacher/student relationship, and possibly homophobic, stigmata he could get, He states, multiple times,  that he enjoys the touching, so it is not unwanted/unwelcome physical contact. And Gil says he was just joking in high school. We also haven't seen everything since the route isn't completed yet, and we aren't shown all of MC's feelings and thoughts. One may get the feeling that MC doesn't have consent because he constantly tries to stop gil from touching him, but I think the writer is trying to show it IMPLICITLY that MC is indeed okay with it. Plus we don't entirely know society's norms and views on sensitive topics for sure in the universe of this game. These are all my personal impressions of the game and gil's route. I hope this helps.

Are you sure it was sexual harassment ? 

I have a question, is it literally possible to guess a correct password in a first/blind playthrough of any route, or is it an intended design choice that one must always see a bad ending first ?

Would it be a good idea to have a pen and paper next to me when I'm playing ?

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Well I'm sorry that you had a bad time with this VN. I think the main character isn't supposed to be an audience surrogate, meaning you're not chase and you shouldn't put yourself in his shoes (which he doesn't wear any), that's why the main character has his own name and you don't get to name him. Chase has his own past, his own characteristics, compare that to the MC in blackgate, he has literally no defining feature that is why you can assume his place/role easily, or compare Chase to the MC in adastra, you do get to name him and, like in many VNs that do the same thing, he has very few to no characteristics, this is because he is meant to be the audience surrogate. Echo isn't like a dating sim, it is a story which you see unfold through chase's perspective. It doesn't just suddenly turn into horror, there is build-up throughout the game. Maybe the same things shouldn't be expected from every single VN, if the author intended to evoke sadness, fear, heartbreak and other emotions as such, I think they achieved it,  and it isn't something easy to do at all. There is nothing wrong with what you think and feel, you earned it. Just try to understand what the author is trying to do and maybe go easy on them.

Been playing for 15 minutes, my brain hurts, I hope I can get a little smarter. Cool game, kudos to the creators.