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Are you sure it was sexual harassment ? 

Yes. It has been mentioned a lot. Please take a look into Gil's route if you haven't already. Have a great day!

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So, I've been through Gil's route. I don't think it is sexual harassment. MC is clearly enjoying himself. I think he feels conflicted because of the Teacher/student relationship, and possibly homophobic, stigmata he could get, He states, multiple times,  that he enjoys the touching, so it is not unwanted/unwelcome physical contact. And Gil says he was just joking in high school. We also haven't seen everything since the route isn't completed yet, and we aren't shown all of MC's feelings and thoughts. One may get the feeling that MC doesn't have consent because he constantly tries to stop gil from touching him, but I think the writer is trying to show it IMPLICITLY that MC is indeed okay with it. Plus we don't entirely know society's norms and views on sensitive topics for sure in the universe of this game. These are all my personal impressions of the game and gil's route. I hope this helps.

Hey! It doesn't matter if someone is enjoying them self or not - sexual harassment is sexual harassment. That's like saying "The millennial wanted to die - they enjoyed it - so its not murder." And, given with what I've played thru, MC doesnt seem to mind what others think about him being gay. Again - if MC enjoyed themselves it still is sexual harassment given no consent. There is no consent stated. And, if you threatened to rape/murder etc someone over months and you went to court about it and said "it was a joke!"your not going to get off scott free. It still happened. While, yes the route isn't finished yet, the stuff that is out is what we should focus on. Because its available. We haven't been told that he has given consent. Thats mainly what I'm focused on. MC doesn't want Gil touching him. No consent there. Sexual harassment. It doesn't matter about the morals of that universe - because the writer is from here. Earth. Not the fictional world. And I'm gonna take a fat guess and say rape wouldn't be OK in this world. And if it IS ok, then the developer needs a moral check. Thanks!