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Turns out I didn't fully patch the old unlock time to make it the current one. Should be fixed now, if you redownload it.

Holy shit, Korone's special stage unlock has had so many bugs so far. I'll put out a patch in a bit, I'm gonna take a look at it.

Are you on windows? If you're talking about the popup that says it 'prevented an unrecognized app from running,' you can click 'more info' and then a run anyways button shows up

Kiara's stage shouldn't be too hard if you memorize the fire cycles

Anyways, for Doggy God, I decided to make the listeners go in a specific order so there's no randomness, meaning the player can figure out the fastest way to serve each of them. I thought it would lend itself to the speedrunny nature of this game if I gave specific targets.

I hope you enjoyed!

It's so interesting seeing how DRASTICALLY different everyone's opinions on each stage's relative difficulty is! This might actually be one of the bigger hot takes I've seen about that...

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed! A bigger update and a discord's coming soon, so stay tuned!

Even though I don't usually like turn based RPGs, I absolutely loved this game and it's battle mechanics! I was glued to this game the whole time and I had a blast!
I think after playing both this and Yakuza 7, I'm starting to really get into certain turn-based JRPGs. Thanks for such an incredible game, and I really hope someone in Hololive plays it in the future, cause this is an amazing showing of what both fan made games and RPGMaker games can be.

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I don't like turn-based RPGs usually, but this game is extremely fun and charming and very entertaining. The tone of the writing is perfect for what I would expect out of a Hololive themed RPG, and most of the idols included in this game were utilized in funny and interesting ways.
One of the best Hololive fan games out there! It's even inspired me to try picking up RPG Maker again after a long time of not touching it.