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I don't like turn-based RPGs usually, but this game is extremely fun and charming and very entertaining. The tone of the writing is perfect for what I would expect out of a Hololive themed RPG, and most of the idols included in this game were utilized in funny and interesting ways.
One of the best Hololive fan games out there! It's even inspired me to try picking up RPG Maker again after a long time of not touching it. 

Thank you and I'm glad you enjoyed the game even though it's not your favorite battle mechanics. I had a lot of fun making this game and would highly recommend if you decide to pick up RPG maker again. I haven't looked into this, but there might be plugins for custom battle mechanics out there that suit your style.


Even though I don't usually like turn based RPGs, I absolutely loved this game and it's battle mechanics! I was glued to this game the whole time and I had a blast!
I think after playing both this and Yakuza 7, I'm starting to really get into certain turn-based JRPGs. Thanks for such an incredible game, and I really hope someone in Hololive plays it in the future, cause this is an amazing showing of what both fan made games and RPGMaker games can be.