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Stijn Raaijmakers

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First impression: really cool game! Looks very polished and is fun to play!

Some positive notes:

  • this music is brilliant
  • graphics and sound top-notch
  • I really liked the pacing of rooms and waves

Some negative notes:

  • only worked with a controller (not KB/Mouse)
  • controls were not intuitive to me (personally), for example in Gattling Gears, just aiming the shoot-stick == shooting
  • it was not clear to me why at some point my machine gun was exchanged for a shotgun or a grenade launcher. (also not why is the shotgun not autofire)
  • hazards in 'double trouble' were a bit overwhelming compared to a relatively easy game before that. i'd introduce them gradually over the course of 6 rooms or so
  • enemies don't seem to shoot a lot, they could definitely shoot more often

Great game, good luck on further development!

Played this after watching Jupi playing it. Cool game! I found super meat boy and Dustforce too hard, but this is just right. At least until room 408 when I got stuck. Love the music too!