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Thank you for playing my game and making the video! I hope you enjoyed the story and message spreading :)

Pros: easy to learn, well-designed time and inventory system, VO

Cons: could have more obvious  visual feedback when ant dead, jumping movement and walking on the grain slope feels too slip

Pros: Multiple levels, tutorials, complete menu system

Cons: I wasn't sure what the little capsules on the ground are in the beginning; the colors are little bit too strong, AI is not always moving

Pros: 2D animation, vfx, audio, platform design

Cons: Main menu could be more clear

Pros: audio feedback, colors, AI

Cons: not sure how health was reduced, can't skip the conversation for each delivery

Until today, the time travel mechanic of The Silent Age is still a mind-blowing method of storytelling in puzzle game design. The developer had good control of the difficulties throughout the entire gameplay. This is a game for everyone

7/10 - Funny little game, I guess the developer just drew and wrote everything by hand.

Looks like the link at the Game Jam page already expired. Can you create a new one? Thanks!

Awwwwww glad the story express emotions to you

Thanks for playing!

Very high-quality game for a 2-week long game jam. The sticker-pasting checkpoint is pretty creative and the best part of it is you can see other people's gameplay progress and have the feeling of "the world has more and more LGBT supporters" when the stickers are everywhere.

It's mean and funny. A classic queer people humor if you appreciate it. The art and writing styles are pretty unique.

Add Frigid Grrrl Manifesto to your wishlist if cat/visual novel/diverse topics are your thing! I'm so happy to see more and more games talk about LGBTQ+, especially the minority-in-minority like asexuality. You will see the author's 7-year research in asexual history in queer community.

Awesome job on the drawing and puzzle design! The little map has a lot of details and the story is heartwarming. 

Selecting pride flags' color theme for the text box is a dope feature. The "String Lights" on string lights and "Fence" on the fence gave me a good laugh. Nice writing.

I always appreciate people telling their transgender stories, which help me understand the difficulty, inside struggles, and how to treat them in the way they like. I also appreciate their trust and braveness. So, yes, I think we need more ley the person and ley the game.

The beginning dialog is a little bit too long and the font is not clear enough if not played in fullscreen. But I love the co-op mode and character switching feature.

A cat tower attacking other moving towers? I need to play this game. Good job on the pixel art interface and cubic mesh. It would be great if the color of defense towers and enemies can be more distinguishable.

Who said a visual novel has to look like a text box that covers one-third of a background image with some anime characters popping up? It can definitely be like StarGayzer: a piece of space you see through a telescope and view social media on it.

We were all once a little pink blub but we can all grow to various shapes by constantly learning new abilities. The pixel art and sound effects are super cute. Great job on the selections of color patterns and level design.

If you are looking for a fascinating art role-play tabletop game, a bi-pride theme game, a queer adventure story in Middle Ages, or you think playing as a 17th-century fencing master and opera singer is super cool, you need to check out For Her Lady's Hand.

Cute retro 8-bit art with trans pride flag color pattern, a good reason to play Here to Stay. 

Have you ever played a tower defense game without seeing maps and enemies? How about one with accessibility for deaf and blind players? I think every game developer has to play Sunless Rock to get inspiration on game accessibility design.

Well done on the puzzle design and visual design! Little Legacy provides a chilling vibe and the treasure searching tunes the difficulty just right. And the ending look of the cute village called back the narrative theme.

Blocks! used the Here To Stay theme of this game jam in a very literal and very creative way. I was so excited when I figured out the first level, and then the game made me humble by just changing one piece in the next level.

The turn-based jump-and-throw-bomb gameplay is fun, I like the cute VO and procedural generation platformer map.

Thanks for playing and liking BWB! This demo combines chapter 1 and a part of the ending, your words definitely encouraged me to continue the development!

Awwww glad I can share my feeling on the self-acceptance stories of LGBTQ+ folks through this game demo

WHY DIDN'T I think about Breakout in an irregular layout? Super cool idea. I wasn't able to read the dialogs in the later levels because I was staring at the little white ball. Maybe  a VO can help with this.

Stop pushing me, blue cubes! Love the AI mechanics and shape-changing idea, pretty self-explained the concepts of hiding in society.

Awwww thanks! I am thinking of adding more languages once I complete the whole story.

Right, I didn't realize how long the full story/game gonna take and started too late. But that's why we need game jams to practice haha.

Thanks for playing! Yeah l love how Florence the game can use mini games to let you participate in the girl's daily routine, that game doesn't need any word in the gameplay. Mine needs subtitles to say some quotes but I try my best to keep that minimum.

A must-have for the players who enjoy military topics and anime-style visual novels. Long Gone Days has very high-quality work on its cutscenes, character animation, combat system, and pixel art. And most important: the story is very catchy.

Thanks for making such a cute simulation game that introduce us to the unique journal of transgender and fandom. You can tell how much effort the developer put into the design of a complete simulated 90s-style computer operating system. The response speed of NPCs sometimes is a little bit too slow.

No Delivery is a dope horror game hidden behind the funny pixel pizza delivery concept. The dirty environment may not be a thing for everyone. There could be more highlight effects on the interactable objects, and the control on the menus could be more clear.

I love the humor of all the dialogs under the Talk option, and I can relate to the daily social topics this game talked about. The old-school pixel art has a comfortable color pattern, and the background story setting is easy to be accepted by the player.

You can tell the developers knew what they were doing from the very beginning of the gameplay. Well-designed UI, full-emotion VO, player character customization, funny storytelling and dialogs, highly detailed backgrounds, and pretty character animation bring us a high-quality visual novel experience. The attribute system combines the options that are distinguished enough, which makes the players believe they can build their own story path or personality. It would be better if all the NPC dialogs can have VO.

Fun little story and rough art visual novel. Probably not a thing for everyone, but you can see the efforts the designers put into it.