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Oh, sorry for not considering this timezone as well. 

Probably you could try to connect at 21:00 JST, I'll try to be online as well

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For everyone willing to try the game, since the game is multiplayer, at least 2 people are needed to play it :) So either please invite your friends/collegues or try to connect at 21:00 (Central Europe or Eastern US or UTC+8), may be somebody else will be also there.

Hi, thank you for the feedback :) Probably you can try to connect at 21:00pm CET (20:00 GMT)  :)

Hi, our game is a multiplayer game which is no fun to play alone at all. Unfortunately the chance of meeting someone in this game is pretty low, so I would like to invite interested players to play the game at selected time, so it would be easier to meet somebody. For time slots I would suggest 21:00-21:30 and first of all the following time zones:

- CEST (central europe)

- EST (east america)

But you can try to login at this time for your time zone as well :)

The link to the game: (game server

Hi, really fun game! A bit hard, but good idea and implementation

Bug report: unfortunately on linux the game looked not so exciting as on screenshots - all textures had one solid color :(

Also I'm not sure if it's intended or not, but for me vision distance is too low. There are often situations, when you are in really bad position and it's unpredictable :( Or I see a small tunnel which later turns out to be a small "pit" in a wall. Probably it's related to texture issue

Hi, thanks :)

Hi, thank you for the feedback! Actually adding ice field (with acceleration) was in our TODO list on the top before submission. Unfortunately we weren't able to add it in time :(

Regarding empty server -  it is a problem, there is no fun in this game if noone is connected. Probably you could arrange some game sessions with your friends :)

HI @Miegamicis, I'm really sorry for wrongful accusation.

Unfortunately I'm still not able to run the game. I successfully made a build (with installing some additional libraries), but when I run it, I got an error:

    [Sat Dec  2 12:14:52 2017] ERROR: Failed to initialise SDL subsystem: No available video device

It could be because I'm using wayland instead of, which is quite new and probably not yet supported by the engine.

Anyway, you screenshots looks really good and I wish you best luck in this game jam voting and in further development :)

Hi, after I was eaten by large dinasaur, I respawned, went to the same location, but the dinasaur didn't appear again (though I heard his growl). And I wasn't able to do anything in this location :(

The game was VERY slow for me (I even couldn't see flame weapon). 

Linux x64

Unfortunately I wasn't able to start it on linux (debian 9)

> Illegal instruction

Also it looks like the game was create long ago, much before 1 November, do you have proper github link? Without tons of forks

Hi, we are developing a multiplayer web-game, which could be accessed via web page. How should we submit it?

We can create a dedicated server package which could be run on any machine and anyone would be able to connect to it. 

But it would be better, if we could also provide a link to already running server in internet, so people from different places would be able to play together. Is it allowed during submission?