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Leveling would be cool, esp if A) levels don't persist between runs and B) the levels give you perk options that you choose between. Eg: level up! Pick one: Rage (when you take damage, closest enemy takes that damage too) or Geologic (when you find a rock, gain +2 rocks). Etc

Character unlocks are cool yeah. In games like this I tend to be intrinsically motivated to explore the dungeon and get as far as possible. An end goal could be good, and maybe optional objectives during the run. For example, a magic penny could spawn that can be thrown for a small amount of damage, or maybe it has a charm effect. But if you throw that penny in a fountain that might appear, that unlocks something or gives you a boon. Idk tho just a random idea. I don't think you should compromise the simplicity/accessibility of the game in service of new mechanics unless they are significant improvements.

Cute art and concept, I love the feeling of exploring the big map. The ship aiming is a little unintuitive but it's manageable. Shooting the ships is kinda frustrating imo but it's not a big deal. Overall great work!

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Excellent game! Really good execution of the classic roguelike formula, reminded me a lot of Brogue. There's a huge amount of polish that's evident -- the animations, the throwing UI, the HP numbers, the ! and ? alert system. Super cute. At first I was annoyed that there was no "rest" action, but then I realized that opening doors and destroying jars is effectively a rest. Very clever! I died to a shoggoth -- tough! I also didn't understand what the effect of a curse was.

Edit: Just realized it's proc-gen'd too! ❤️ Tbh I'd probably want to play this again and again only if A) there was a leaderboard and/or B) there was some promise of progression, like how in Brogue you have to fetch the amulet or whatever and bring it back (I think I'm thinking of Brogue).

Great work! I really enjoyed this game. The puzzles were clever and the Discord bot integration was really clever and smooth. I was impressed that there was virtually 0 latency. I didn't finish the game tho, I got stuck on the Time Sage level trying to rewind the door on the left (above the red platform room). 

Hi, I can do layout for your supplement! I'm interested in working with a game designer working on a dungeon, hex crawl, or other location-based supplement. 🙂

Thanks YA, I appreciate the work you do.

Same issue here. I'm on the latest beta & latest runtime. I'm running GMLive 1.0.35.

Works great, thanks so much for fixing this. <3