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The controls are slippery and it can be difficult to aim at times, but I love the concept of this game. The models are also really well done.

Alright, thanks for the clarification.

Thanks, and sorry about the panning. The music I used came from the YouTube Audio Library, I just put it through some filters in Audacity. Was I supposed to give credit for it?

One of the most polished games on this jam. I liked the music, and it was fun to play through. Good job.

The battle system is fun, and I love the art style. Although you could add a little more variety to attacks. Other than that, this game is great.

This game is really good! You have the perfect dual purpose mechanic, and you nailed the feel. I agree with Blackthornprod, add some more levels, maybe a couple more features (bonus modes, costumes, etc.) and you could sell this on steam. I know I'd buy it!