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Buddy Games

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Hi Firith I'm Dad

Hey everyone, I'm Buddy Games

I'm a moderator on the Firith discord and I'm in the beginnings of starting my own YouTube channel! 

Looking forward very much to making the game and video for this jam, meeting all of you new folk and playing your games,

Good luck and have fun!


Because I'm a moderator, you can't be annoyed at me because I'm cool

Thanks man :

Hahahah yeah not so subtle easter eggs are fun. Glad you liked the growing enemies, it's my favourite unique feature I've ever came up with :D

Thanks! So glad you enjoyed it :)

Also Goodgis turns you into a fairy

Crepe, if you read this, mushroom idea ended up becoming the main feature XD

I fixed the windows .zip folder

Great stuff! Wish i could play with my friends but sadly covid exists 

Same here!


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Woah that crab killed me more times than I' d like to admit

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I can't find the correct Horizontal and vertical frames in godot for 1.5?

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Any chance for payment other than paypal?

Absolutely incredible. I'm completely blown away by this, it is incredibly emotional and well made. The score and design are beautiful and the programming seems sound. 5/5!

4/5 great story and music :)

Amazing game!