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wait this is actually so cute!!! i went to buy assembly with care after playing this. wow

this is super cool!!! i was pleasantly surprised to see cohost and then i was even more surprised at the accurate recreations of all the platforms, they were so neat to identify. wow. i love this <3

box arena is an exciting and adorable roguelike filled with whimsical items and lovable monsters.

play as the curious little adventurer on their quest to reunite the elements in this foreign world. discover a myriad of items and strange creatures on your way - have you heard of the one who's won ten carrot-eating competitions? - and grow stronger in your journey. hack and slash your way through the rooms, and the elemental blade will be yours!

i've been working on this game on and off for about a year and i'm glad to finally get this out there in the world. i'm super proud of it & my playtesters say that it is oddly addictive to play. if you give it a shot, i really hope you enjoy it <3

aaaah thank you i'm so glad you liked it gndjkgndjglnjnjsn !!!

thank you so much for this particularly detailed comment, it really made my day ^^ these are definitely some awesome ideas that we haven't considered before!

oh my gosh this game is actually so cool! one of the more unique ones i've seen for the gmtk jam & it's really fun to play, graphics are clean, gameplay is smooth and i would play this for a long time aah. good job!

ooh ... only at the end i realised how this felt like a note from the jar, like something you're reading to get the gist of it, only at the end you realise it was the process of reading that was good — something something like perceived moments of happiness of trying to reach a goal, only after you reached the goal you realise that it was the journey that was the most important part. what a bittersweet and lovely experience O.O 

this is adorable 10/10 !!! sina pali pona aaa. ona li suwi li musi ^^

this is my favorite game of the year. butterfly soup 1 gave me such brilliant memories with my friends and i still hold min's gun that shoots a gun that shoots a knife as one of my favorite gaming moments ever. butterfly soup 2 has so much nuance. like. wow these characters grow and develop and have so much love for each other! they make each other better! they are all so good together! the ending is incredibly touching and lovely and gives me so much joy and hope for the world. gonna be thinking about this for a very long time. maybe somewhere down the road a few weeks later i might binge play both games in a day. it's a game worth replaying!

(spoiler: love the detail at the end where they use 'they' pronoun for min it's lovely. sorry ! spoilers haha. hope i didn't read that wrong it was a super fleeting detail but it's great.) in love with all the characters. thank you brianna lei!

aaah this is so fun! i got frustrated a while after the halfway mark, but that just a me problem, haha. the controls are super tight and fun to use, and i really love the respawn animation :D

oh my god thanks for the bug find haha! or maybe it is a feature... 👁 

oh this game is absolutely adorable. i love it so much, and it looks really polished too!

i love that there are different layers and an option for you to look through the descriptions and pick the one you think fits you the best. truly a great quiz.

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i'm only halfway through the game right now, but i must say it's absolutely adorable! i love the characters so much, i love witch and aleria and all the little characters that come by and the art style and the potion mixing mechanic. super cute 10/10 !!!!!

edit: just got to the second day. i was expecting the game to end on the first day and i got so excited when it said 'day 2' !!!!

oh this is so nice. what a message!

this is a lovely game! i picked up a community copy (i'm sorry 🙏) yesterday but i will definitely be sharing this around as much as i can. it is actually really fun and such a great concept! thank you for making this 🥳

oh my god. this is beautiful! (also i love ink <3). thank you for making this. oh wow

thank you so much for the lovely comment! i'm so glad you enjoyed it ^^

i love this game so much! so much! it's so cute!! thank you for making this

i sent you a fr on discord :> idk if you've seen haha it would be epic and fun !!!!

aaaskjhauifansjkhbj oh wow !! i'm glad. honestly it would be so cool to do a collaboration with you or something aklsjhfsjkdhg !! sigh you have such good narrative ideas and Emotion in the fiction ✨

hm, do you wanna hmu on like discord or twitter or something? :D would be so epic of us to create something together !! maybe !!!! hehe

oh :> one of my games got added into a collection with a really cute name so i was like mm! let's see what else is in there and yours picked up my interest asljdhajksa. keep up the good creations !!!!!

askljahjkhajksf this is adorable oh man! i really love the part where you try to say something nice but it doesn't come out. so true so relatable keep creating cool stuff!!!

aw god... this is so cute this is so emotion!! i love this so much. completely underrated <3

alsfhakjghsjkdghksjg thank you so muchhhh!

aaaa thank you!!! that's such a high compliment i'm so honored u.u so glad you enjoyed it !!!!!

aaaah thank you so much for such a kind comment! u.u

akjskdhfajkhgkj brilliant pun omg ! made me laugh :> thank you so muchh

happy valentine's day to you too!! thank you so much <3

alsjhfkjanfbafjsbg so kind of you!! thank you so much u.u

akjshjfakgjnaogiuahfonabdg this is SO cute!! it was slightly frustrating to use my trackpad to click the keys lol, but otherwise it was an amazing experience 10/10

ni li suwi mute aaaaa! mi olin e soweli e kijetesantakalu e waso e pipi e kasi e kili ale lon musi ni <3 sina pali pona!

VERY CUTE 10/10 would download again

it's so well written and so fun to play! i got to the 'end of demo' screen and did a silent scream with head in hands because WOW i did not want it to end. absolutely looking forward to the full game. i find it very interesting how junko is facing the 'questioning my passion' thing and i'im really curious about how she resolves it in the end! i'm sure it'd be very inspiring. aaaaaaaaaa!!!!

aaah this is really fun and good :D

oh wow... the first time i played it (before the rating period started, i think) i found it difficult, but now i have a newfound appreciation for it! graphics are so cute and the audio is amazing. would've been better, at least for me, if the player could move faster, but i think it's a very neat game!

adorable game!! i love the idea and the graphics are so cute aaaaaaaa~ it would have felt better if the monster could move a bit faster, but then it might've been too easy. fun game!

ooooooh this is a very difficult game but it's so vaguely scary!!!! well done, wow

aaaah this game is really fun!!! the graphics are simple, but the jump feels really smooth and the music is great too :D good job!!! it feels really fun to play :)

aaaah thank you so much for the lovely and detailed comment >.< !!!