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This game is based in my actual village, but the story is fictional. Uncover the mystery of a deceased family. Explore the abandoned mansion. Discover its secrets as you try to escape. Solve puzzles, find objects and clues. But be careful... there is someone waiting for you. 

Can i use in my game?

Can I use this in my game?

amazing! can I use in my commercial game?

Thankyou bro :)

Thankyou for liking the game please take some time to review on google play.

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That was the problem with xiaomi, redmi and one plus devices now I fixed it with latest updates.

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Hi,I already purchased these assets but If I pay you more, can you make more sprites of main character of this asset? like cutting tree, Bow and arrow animations and few other? kindly rply me

Hello I released free demo of my game to get feedback about my game kindly play and give your feedback. I have fixed many things that raised in comments of demo on and steam.

The Curse Of Zigoris is a 2D action adventure platformer where you take on the role of young elf witch Eva. She is on a mission to lift the curse of a dark wizard Zigoris. Meet NPC's to learn more about the world on her adventure.

Download and play free demo and provide your feedback in comments

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Your Art is amazing please continue making art in this style so it can fit with one platformer game I made a game using your arts that I purchased 2 months ago here is gameplay. Game will be released soon on Steam. 

its for android devices only

Deadly Traps is a fast-paced platformer where the levels are filled with many dangerous traps and tricky jumps that stand in your way. Your goal is to reach the portal to complete the level. The game is full of Traps and very much challenging. link

Google Play Link

Steam Link

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A Challenging and Fun Platformer Story of a Father who is in search of his son who has fallen in a cave. Story involves three worlds (1)Cave (2)Spooky (3)Jungle. You play as Father and fight with monsters,ghosts and deadly animals to save your son and the game also includes epic boss battles.

Story Rich adventure

Steam Link