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This is fantastic. Thanks for your continued work!

This appears to be it

Hey! I'm the one who asked on reddit a couple weeks ago for this linux version. Works great when launched from the executable, but not using the script. :) I run arch linux.

Eagerly awaiting this to arrive on itch! I purchased it on Steam. Is there a timeframe for when this is expected to launch here?

Godot Wild Jam #17 community · Created a new topic Jam

Thank you all for the awesome jam! I really enjoyed playing all your games. Hope to see more of your creations again!! Have a good one. :)

Awesome asset!

Thanks for the feedback! Yes, currently the rewind takes a "snapshot" every 10 seconds or so. You can rewind back to that point, but only the enemies, pickups, and bullets will rewind. Not the player.

I'm digging those green guys at the bottom. They look great!

Sweet! I have purchased that already, thanks! I look forward to more of your work in the future. :)

Is this the two from your other asset pack separately or is this new?

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I've looked into the jump issue. Let me know what you think. As for the freezing up, I am unsure of what you mean. Does the game freeze when you "Retry"?

Edit: Character now jumps in the direction they are facing.

Edit: Fix for freeze completed.

Some jumps seemed impossible, because they didn't seem to jump all that high. I loved that you included a library to the left at the start of the game. The score carries even when you lose, that's a nice touch. Overall, great execution. I enjoyed playing this.

I had to install vcrun2013 using winetricks, otherwise as Alpha said, it works in proton.

Awesome assets, bought all of them for those games I'll never finish. (Or possibly even make)