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Butterscotch Shenanigans

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Clone Chaos is a micro-adventure full of wrench throwing action and MAJOR plot twist. This is an impressive work to have come out of just a 48 hour jam, because it manages to neatly tie together an interesting premise and small narrative with growing challenge. While I originally thought the Random Dude was going to be the villain (why was he sending me to clean up this cave? why so creepy, dude?) the plot twist at the end was worth the play session alone.

The graphics are cute, the fact that there's an overworld is awesome and adds to the sense of adventure, and the consistent narrative arc make this a fantastic little experience. NICE WORK! I can't wait to see what other games this family can sling together.


DONE here y'ar here y'ar

Here you are - this link is specific for you

Post here with a link to your game and I can add it manually to the entries. Again, the jam is all about building skills and pushing yourself, and just because you were a BIT overly ambitious doesn't mean we care to kick you out!

I'll be adding any stragglers through end of day Wednesday. Hop to it!

It takes place over 72 hours, so that people from all over the planet can easily get a 48 hour window in. We don't mind at all if you use more of the time to make your game - while it's intended to be 48 hours the spirit of the jam is to just build rad stuff and have fun, so if you're still going then by all means carry on!

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Listen to the Kick-Off Minisode to get your creative juices flowing and kick-off your jam!


This year we have 3 themes to choose from, all pulled from our most recent podcast titles. Feel free to mix and match multiple themes - just make sure to note which one guided your creativity on your game’s page.

The Achievements

These are extra constraints you can throw onto your game to earn bonus game-making cred. They’re totally optional and tons of fun. Pick as many or as few as you like, or use them in your brainstorming session to push you toward a game concept. Be sure to note which ones you included on your game page once you upload!

  • Iron Triangle - Your game primarily uses triangles for its art.
  • INNOVATION! - Your game is a battle royale
  • Tis the Season - Your game has a season pass, makes fun of seasons passes, or has seasons.
  • Gameboy - Your game only uses 8-bit soundfx and is in the classic gameboy 4-color green palette.
  • Levelhead - Your game lets players build their own levels, maps, etc.
  • Sweet 16 - Use the standard 16 color pallete
  • Split Brain - A multiplayer game where everyone controls the same character.
  • Healthy Living - Sleep for 8 hours per night, get an hour of exercise, and only eat healthy food for the duration of the jam.
  • Buttersmooth tools - Make games the bscotch way: inkscape for art, gamemaker for game.
  • Mozart - compose your own music.
  • Totally Ethical Surprise Mechanics - The primary means of progressing through the game is lootboxes.
  • Ultimate Idle - The game plays itself on boot-up, and if the player does nothing the game will just keep playing itself.
  • Persistent Universe - Something about your game lives online, and every player can affect it.
  • One Punch Man - Your game is controllable with a single input.
  • Seal Approved - Some aspect of your game is controlled by the sound of claps and/or screams.
  • Franchise - Make a sequel or shared-universe game to your previous Shenanijam entry (must still incorporate the theme and be a whole new game)
  • Fourwheeler - Your team size is 4.
  • Tripod - Your team size is 3.
  • Tango - Your team size is 2.
  • Maverick - Your team size is 1.

We try to find ones that:

  1. Are amusing (to us).
  2. Give a lot of wiggle room for interpretation.
  3. Don't give TOO much wiggle room for interpretation. 

Heck yeah!

Here y'ar!

WHOOPS! Added our theme. Thanks for the note!

Yeah, we've been making games in GM for 6 years as of Thursday, so we have... QUITE A FEW SCRIPTS.

Hmm it's saying invalid game - make sure it's set to PUBLIC and save it again!


Yo! We removed it because it had a really wide interpretation. If you think it's definitely worth having we'll take that feedback for next year!

Might've just turned over at the wrong time. Just link your game page and we'll get it grandfathered in

This is great! I like the piranhas chomping on the bottom of your boat.

Great art style here!

Thanks for doing this! Especially for first-time game creators, seeing someone else play your game live is a pretty cool experience!

Of course! These entries are yours to do with as you like :D.

The submission time is to ensure that you have a tight time constraint to get a complete, playable game out along with your fellow jammers. That way people can also start playing and rating the games that go up. If you want to keep improving your game or its page afterwards you should, though your ratings may happen before you make those changes.

I'll check back again tomorrow for any other late-comers!

If you didn't get uploaded in time, drop your game link below. Make sure the game is live (change the bottom setting on the game page from DRAFT to PUBLISHED). I'll send you a submission code for late subs!

Past a link to your game and I can get you a submission key!

There's always more time for particles!

That's why you beatbox as you code!

Thanks for adding this!

Thanks, Helluys!

It was 70, not 30! So I think we're in the clear.

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HEYOOO! Got questions about the Shenanijam, or making games in general? Toss them here!

Also, the best place to get quick responses is the Shenanijam Discord channel.

- Seth