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Butterscotch Shenanigans

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Here y'ar!

WHOOPS! Added our theme. Thanks for the note!

Yeah, we've been making games in GM for 6 years as of Thursday, so we have... QUITE A FEW SCRIPTS.

Hmm it's saying invalid game - make sure it's set to PUBLIC and save it again!


Yo! We removed it because it had a really wide interpretation. If you think it's definitely worth having we'll take that feedback for next year!

Might've just turned over at the wrong time. Just link your game page and we'll get it grandfathered in

This is great! I like the piranhas chomping on the bottom of your boat.

Great art style here!

Thanks for doing this! Especially for first-time game creators, seeing someone else play your game live is a pretty cool experience!

Of course! These entries are yours to do with as you like :D.

The submission time is to ensure that you have a tight time constraint to get a complete, playable game out along with your fellow jammers. That way people can also start playing and rating the games that go up. If you want to keep improving your game or its page afterwards you should, though your ratings may happen before you make those changes.

I'll check back again tomorrow for any other late-comers!

If you didn't get uploaded in time, drop your game link below. Make sure the game is live (change the bottom setting on the game page from DRAFT to PUBLISHED). I'll send you a submission code for late subs!

Past a link to your game and I can get you a submission key!

There's always more time for particles!

That's why you beatbox as you code!

Thanks for adding this!

Thanks, Helluys!

It was 70, not 30! So I think we're in the clear.

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HEYOOO! Got questions about the Shenanijam, or making games in general? Toss them here!

Also, the best place to get quick responses is the Shenanijam Discord channel.

- Seth