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Bryn McKerracher

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Nice work man, looks perfect for prototyping games :)

Super nice! Thanks for making this.

Thanks for playing! Must have been pretty hard with a trackpad, nice job though!

Thank you!

Thanks for playing! And you're totally right about the pixels getting squashed, something for me to work on! Thanks so much for the feedback :)

Ah those are very good points :D Thanks for the feedback, and for playing!

Thanks very much :D Yeah I've got a post-jam update that addresses the rendering because you're absolutely right haha. Thanks for taking the time to review this! Appreciate it.

Thank you for playing! I definitely agree being able to see the cursor is a must-have, so I've prepared a post-jam update that fixes the issue and addresses the sprite scaling. I'm planning on working on this project post-jam so the feedback is honestly really helpful, so thanks for taking the time to review it :)

Thanks so much for the kind words! Definitely agree that the ninjas are a little fast - Felt like I was getting jump-scared by them sometimes haha. I'm planning to keep working on this project so the ninjas getting past the weapon so easily is something I'll adjust in the post-jam update. Thanks for the feedback :D

Thank you so much! And yeah you're absolutely right, I've made an update addressing this that I'll drop when the jam is over - Definitely a common sentiment and something I wish I'd devoted to fixing for the jam itself.

Thanks! I'm super glad you enjoyed it.

Hey! I've got a megaton of started and abandoned projects (like most people lol) and it'd be super nice to get talk about inspirations/fustrations with other people people interested in this jam. Is there a social hub/discord/other place where we can chat and trade feedback/ideas for the jam? Apologies if it already exists and I'm just blind.

Thanks for hosting!

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Definitely one of my favourites! Love the feeling of the graphics and audio combined with the currency aesthetic, really nailed it for me :D Bailout was tricky but the solution felt really satisfying. Thanks for making this! It's awesome.

One of my favourites from the jam so far :D Thanks for the post-mortem, it's super interesting to hear about your process!

Fun little shooter! Really unique use of multiple colour channels for conveying information. Got to 173 seconds on my first go :D Nice work!

Super fun! Very polished and loved the control scheme. Will definitely be back to play more! Well done!

The slow descent into madness really had me going :D Finished the whole thing on my first playthrough and it was great. My only criticism would be that the wheel animation could happen faster considering it doesn't affect the gameplay, but otherwise I loved it. Thanks for making this!

Super cool! Thought the aesthetic was awesome, combat was satisfying too, and well done fitting it into 64x64. Loved the little wingmen ships following the player along. Didn't encounter any bugs, and have yet to reach the boss fight so I'll definitely be playing more :D Nice work!

Loved it! Is the background perlin noise? It's really cool. Anyway loved the aesthetic and thought the difficulty curve was just right :D Will definitely come back to play more!

My current high score is 30, good luck! :D

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This was really fun :D I got to 92 after a few tries! Nice work!


Ayy! Congrats on the release! Hope you give yourself a huge pat on the back :D Can't wait to play it through again.

Awesome! Good luck with all of it! I'll be sure to follow all of the changes.

Hyped for the level editor! I have so many ideas for evil levels haha

Hey, thanks for taking the time to make this! Without people like you like you making things like this the world would be a pretty boring place, so keep it up! Love your work so far, can't wait to see more.

Not sure if you still need level designers, but I had a look and I had a question: In the JSON files for the levels I'm assuming that in ["input", [null,"e"], 4, 3, false] the 4 and 3 are coords x and y? And the 'false' is the power state?

Super cool to see you're still working on this! Just finished it and I I love the changes - The new gates types are awesome, love the music and sound too. Can't wait to see what other cool ideas you bring to this!

Looking great guys! Can't wait to beat it :D

No worries!

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Some sounds effects would be cool! And no worries, I enjoyed it.


Hey, we'd like to submit Space Delivery:

Very cool! Can't wait to see where this game goes. Keep it up!

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That's really neat! Really satisfying watching the stars spin around. My only note is that it does slow a little bit for a large number of stars, but it's probably to be expected. Keep up the good work!

I reckon this has potential!