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Silly question, but how do the animations break down? For example, I'm looking at the werewolf and it looks like there are eight frames. The last four look like some sort of jumping animation. The third one looks like maybe a death animation? Or resting? Just trying to figure out how these break down. Thanks!

Thank you for including a demo on this! It's nice to be able to test against existing sprites and art.

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This is a fantastic asset, and exactly what I need for my game! One note, the third cursor (the one with the exclamation mark) is 1 pixel to the left further than it should be. I modified on my end.

Yes, that was the end. LIfe has me in a bit of a time crunch so I needed to finish last night, so the end stage is a bit unpolished 😔

Thank you! I figured export to PDF was my route lol, but wanted to be sure. Are there any formats that will render in browser (so viewers don't need to download the file?)

Haha, the attack mechanic was something I forgot to disable.   Oh yes, glad you discovered that totally intentional hidden feature!

I've never uploaded a story to Whats the best way to upload? I marked it as a book, but the upload options are the same as game uploads.

Does this come with font assets?