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Haha thanks :P Rumor has it the last two parts are better than the first.

Let me know what you think at the end!

This one was polished and well executed. I can't say I quite figured out the pattern for followers. I just ended up trying to upvote anything funny or divisive.

It was difficult, and I almost put it down at the beginning, but once I got into the swing of it I really enjoyed it. The moment where I almost yelled "oh my god why am I spending so much effort just trying to convince this ONE FUCKING GUY to do ONE FUCKING THING" was the one I realized, despite the abstraction of an appeal into a rhythm game, this was actually a really true to life depiction.

Hey everyone,

I've been trying to experiment with a longer-form Twine game where the choices aren't just "what do you say" or "where do you go" but what you think, how you think, and what catches your eye. I wanted to focus more on flow and feelings than "how many endings are there," and this game is the result.

If you want to play in the browser, you can go here instead:

Here's the game's hook:

After her partner's death in a gruesome metal mill accident, Jennifer Holdings, former sex worker turned steel worker, finds herself trapped between an encroaching union, an elected but stale board, her past, her future, the police, and the company president who she just so happens to be sleeping with. Surrounded by supposed heroes and polarizing rhetoric, can she find her own way? Can you?

A choose-your-own-adventure game about guilt, doubt, and heroism that focuses more on navigating feelings than deciding what comes next.

Let me know what you think!