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double-clicking the love package doesn't work on linux, ubuntu 16.04

It asks for res/map.lua(which is present on the folder structure)

I had to decompress the love file and manually do a "love ." to load in the current dir

Nice premisse and awesome dialog system

@dibuzapping thanks a lot for the feedback I will fix the error on the url.

The fact is that during the whole jam duration we were having so much fun thinking on how to recreate mechanics that when the time came for doing the level design(only less than 2 hours to the end of the deadline), I just did it the MOST basic thing I could do. The "story" was decided on the spot and I am proud it came as strange and nonsensical as it did haha. It made me chuckle.
After all, I had also to make the itchio page too... It was really crazy hahaha
Also... can someone explain me how to mention on
Cheers and thanks for having a look at the game.

Really easy-going game! Nice to the eyes too!

really happy to see how fast we got the linux build. Thanks a lot. Just bought it.

Yup, but the guy asked, I believe this post made the devs look our way, which good. I have two windows machines but linux is simply better for me. So, you earned a new user.

I really liked the idea and execution.

Graphics and music are really well done.